What are the characteristics of high-quality injection molding machines

Posted by sere on November 26th, 2020

Nowadays, there are many beautiful and affordable plastic products on the market. These plastic products have strange shapes and different shapes, but they are all lifelike. It is awe at the exquisite manufacturing process. So how are these plastic products made? This is inseparable from the function of the injection molding machine. Of course, the role of a high-quality injection molding machine is very large.


 Injection molding machines are also called injection molding machines or injection machines. Injection molding machine is a kind of main molding equipment that uses plastic molding molds for thermoplastic or thermoset plastics, and after processing, can be made into various shapes of plastic products. According to the different injection molding machines, it can be divided into vertical injection molding machines, horizontal injection molding machines, and all-electric injection molding machines. After the injection molding machine is energized, the plastic can be heated. After heating, the plastic is slowly melted, and high pressure is applied to the molten plastic to make it eject and fill the mold cavity. Many plastic products on the market are now inseparable from the manufacture


Injection molding machine, which provides great convenience and assistance for plastic manufacturing, is a mechanical equipment with excellent performance and enthusiasm by customers.

The operation of injection molding machine should pay attention to temperature control

The injection molding machine needs to effectively control the temperature when it is operating. Even advanced injection molding machines need to pay attention to this problem. Because when the temperature of the injection molding machine increases, the quality of the parts of the injection molding machine will become poor. The effect at this time is that the air dissolved in the oil will be reduced, which will cause cavitation. As a result, the performance of the hydraulic system will have a low effect when it is working.

The temperature of the injection molding machine needs to be adjusted to between 45 and 50 degrees. The main reason is that the hydraulic system can be designed according to a certain pressure oil viscosity, but this viscosity will change with the change of the oil temperature. It will have a bad influence on the working components in the system, which will lead to a decrease in the sensitivity of the control accuracy and response, especially for precision instruments, this phenomenon will be more serious.

At the same time, the increase in temperature will have more serious consequences for the aging of the equipment.

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