Development strategy of high-quality injection molding machine

Posted by sere on November 26th, 2020

Preparatory work before use of precision injection molding machine

   In order to ensure the smooth completion of the precision injection molding machine, a series of inspections must be performed on the equipment before production. So, what preparations should we do before use? What kind of operation can be more conducive to the normal operation of the equipment?


 1. Clean

  The precision injection molding machine should be cleaned once to ensure that all parts are free of oil and other substances. Clean the tie rods and the sliding rails of the injection seat of the injection molding machine and apply lubricating oil.


2. Check

  Carefully check the parts of the equipment for damage. For example, check whether the control switch is flexible, whether the buttons and handles are damaged, whether the wires are loose, etc.


 3. Check the raw materials produced, check whether the moisture content of the raw materials exceeds the requirements, if it exceeds, dry it first.


 The above is some preparatory work before using the precision injection molding machine. Complete the preparatory work according to the above steps to make the injection molding work successfully completed.

  After entering the WTO, my country's high-quality injection molding machine industry has undergone major changes, and many companies are facing opportunities and challenges. A large number of imported high-quality injection molding opportunities occupy the domestic market, and advanced technology, excellent quality and good service have strong competitiveness.


The domestic high-quality injection molding machine industry should seize opportunities, meet challenges, maximize strengths and avoid weaknesses, and find their own development space. We must first establish an export-oriented development strategy, vigorously expand exports, and create conditions for ourselves to enable our products to enter the international market. For example, high-quality injection molding machines need to strengthen exports and increase market share. At the same time, more enterprises need to be encouraged to set up enterprises abroad.


 Actively expand international economic and technological cooperation, introduce advanced technology from abroad, and accelerate the improvement of the technical level of injection molding machines. It is necessary to actively promote specialized production and take the creation of world-class brands as the goal of struggle. Establish a quality policy of high quality, high efficiency and excellence, follow the world's advanced technology, through mass production, investment, research and development, highlight independent technological innovation, accelerate the industrialization of scientific and technological achievements, and accelerate the upgrade of high-quality injection molding machines.

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