Fireproof safe box is an indispensable part of modern security

Posted by sere on November 26th, 2020

In this digital age, it seems that anything important can exist in the cloud virtually, but a physical safe is more like a product with a sense of age. In fact, the safe is indeed an "antique" that has passed through thousands of years, and it has been constantly updated to have today’s security products that are diverse, beautiful and fashionable, and suitable for home, hotel, and office environments. Fireproof safe box is indispensable in modern security.

Before the emergence of steel safes with numeric keypads and biometric locks, nobles in medieval Europe used to store valuables in hardwood boxes to prevent theft. In the eyes of modern people, the safety factor of such a "safe" is not high, because it has a fine workmanship and is good for storing some jewelry.

With the improvement of people's awareness of security, in the 19th century, they began to pay attention to the manufacture and application of safe locks, and the appearance was also changed from wood to various solid metals such as wrought iron to enhance the ability to resist external damage. Strictly speaking, such a safe is more similar to furniture and does not have reliable fire or anti-theft functions.

In order to solve this problem, many countries are accelerating research. On the other side of the Pacific Ocean, American Daniel Fitzerald discovered a viable insulation material, Parisplaster, and used it in the manufacture of safes. The New York fire was proven in practice and protected a lot of property. Nowadays, people continue to use this insulation material in the manufacture of fireproof safes.

Nowadays, all safes on the market have been improved over several generations. So what about modern high-protection fire safes? Let's take a look!

Electronic password fire box

Fire prevention: 30 minutes of fire prevention

Waterproof: 8 hours

Lock: electronic code or key

Style: portable design

Size: A4 files can be placed flat

Uses: certificates, documents, cash, jewelry, etc.

Portable portable fire box

Fire prevention: 30 minutes of fire prevention

Waterproof: 24 hours

Specification: B5

Lock: Rotary switch + key

Style: portable design, easy to carry

Purpose: to store important documents such as graduation certificates, photos, household registration books, ID cards, etc.

Fingerprint fireproof cabinet

Fire protection: UL 1 hour fire protection

Waterproof: 8 hours

Specification: Three sizes are available

Color: black, white, gray optional

Lock: fingerprint lock

Purpose: A4 hanging documents, jewelry, digital products, certificates, etc.

Drawer type password fire cabinet

Fire protection: JIS 1 hour certification

Installation: can be placed in the closet, saving space, fashionable and versatile

Color: classic white

Password: 3-8 passwords can be set

Uses: jewelry, certificates

Steel fire cabinet

Fire protection: UL 2 hours

Waterproof: 8 hours

Size: Three sizes are available

Lock: Electronic password lock, touch screen electronic password lock

Or fingerprint lock optional

Uses: household, commercial

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