How to avoid broken bags in the production of self-supporting spout bags

Posted by sere on November 26th, 2020

 In major, small and medium-sized shopping malls, supermarkets, and pet shops, we are increasingly exposed to a new type of packaging bag — self-supporting nozzle bag, such as liquid packaging, seasoning packaging, laundry detergent packaging and so on. The nozzle bag is composed of a nozzle and a self-supporting bag. In the production, the production of the nozzle bag is completed through two links: bag making and nozzle bag installation. Each link has high requirements on the process. If it is not well mastered, there will be quality problems such as bag swelling, bag breakage, leakage, etc. during use. Therefore, such a self-supporting nozzle bag is unqualified, so it is self-supporting. How to avoid such a situation in the production process of spout bags?

  First of all, in the production of self-supporting bags, special attention should be paid to perforation, bag bottom placement, bottom heat sealing, etc., especially the joint parts of the four-layer and two-layer self-supporting bags are prone to bag breakage. The horizontal sealing knife is not enough. It is necessary to install a heat-sealing knife, and partly to enhance the heat-sealing. In addition, self-supporting bags with spouts require better opening performance, otherwise the suction cups will not be easy to pull the mouth into the mouth; the friction coefficient of the bag surface should be small, and the surface static electricity should be removed when the bag is made to avoid adsorption between the bag and the bag, which is not conducive to loading Mouth sealing machine takes the bag. At present, there are two main methods for installing suction nozzles in self-supporting bags in China: manual installation of suction nozzles and heat sealing nozzles. The temperature is transferred to the mouth by heat conduction, so that the mouth is melted and welded to the PE sealing layer of the bag.

  Self-supporting spout bags have been favored by many industries for their good shelf display effects, especially in the field of daily chemicals, more and more products have begun to use self-supporting spout bags, such as many self-supporting spout bags in the market. Liquid soaps, shampoos and other products are beautifully printed and easy to transport or carry. They have a tendency to replace traditional plastic bottles and glass bottles.

huihua food packaging since 1993 Professional custom-made self-supporting spout bags have a good reputation. Your choice is our pride. Since the liquid self-supporting nozzle bag can be used as a juice packaging bag, a soy milk nozzle bag, a jelly nozzle bag, a sweet noodle sauce bag, etc., it can also be widely used in daily chemical packaging such as laundry detergent packaging bags and softener packaging bags. Self-supporting spout bags play a more important role in the modern packaging industry!

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