Best website banner design ideas that draw the traffic

Posted by mikekomo3 on November 26th, 2020

The competition for places is getting tough with every day of the week. If you want to boost your online presence in a way that will attract the traffic; then you need to know the tricks involved in website banner design. You are required to apply basic design guidelines. This will be our focus in this insightful article that lays everything bare in banner design.

The Size

The starting point is to use the most effective banner ad size. If we are to go by the starts through Google Adsense; the following sizes are standard for all designs:

  •          Leaderboard - 728×90px
  •          Half Page - 300×600px
  •          Medium Rectangle - 300×250px 
  •          Large Rectangle - 336×280px

Take note of the dimensions and pick the one that fits into the size of your design and you are not going to have issues bothering on the size of the banner.

Background and visual assets

After settling the issue on size, you are expected to choose a color as well as texture and image that will suit the purpose of your design. Images and text that will enhance the image of your brand or service should be included in your design.

Use of graphic elements

The use of graphic elements must come in during your website banner design to achieve effective results. There are several options to choose from. In the end, you are expected to drive the message home powerfully by adding a powerful call to action.

Animations and transitions

Having gone this far with your static banner now in place; you are expected to add animations to your design which will take you to the next level of the design. Every design element can be animated to get the expected results that you are going to be proud of.

A designed frame

It is expected to have a designed frame. This is so because the eyes of the prospects will be drawn to the subject inside the frame – this is a natural occurrence for people of all races. Extend graphics to the edges of the box.


Make your text readable

 There should be a difference between your headline and the body of your website banner design. This will give room for more effectiveness. Each of the copies must not exceed four lines.

What to avoid

The use of the following in your lettering should be avoided if you wanted the best results in your banner campaign: 

  •   cursive/script fonts
  •   Extremely thin font-weight
  •   All uppercase copy
  •   Font sizes smaller than a 10 pt

The only condition that can warrant the use of any of the above is only if you are dealing with a disclaimer or copyright notice.

Correct file format

It is expected that you use the correct file format if you are to get the right stuff that will enhance your prospects online. The use of JPG, PNG, GIF, or HTML5 is in common use.

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