Reasons Why You Need a Custom Tailored Shirt

Posted by James Carter on November 26th, 2020

More than any other men's clothing, the dress shirt has served to distinguish a man's wealth and social class. Back in the day, a white shirt was considered the essence of a man's taste. It functioned exactly like the modern T-shirt by keeping sweat away from the outer garments while protecting the body from the rough outerwear materials.

The Need For A Custom-Tailored Dress Shirt

These days a top-quality button-up shirt has changed its use, but it still is a foundation of every man's wardrobe, it's the most versatile piece of cloth you can have. We wear it under the coat while at work, we wear it outside our jeans at a party: the dress shirt cannot be missing in men's wardrobe. You can easily dress it with a jacket and a pair of khakis, or you can pair it with an elegant suit and tie for more formal events.

There are shirts of infinite kinds, colors, and fabrics, but most of the time, it isn't easy to find one that seamlessly adapts to our style and physique. The typical shirts sold in clothing stores are made to be worn by the masses, but even so, it is challenging that two people have the same circumference of the neck, chest, waist, and hips. What does this mean? What if we pick to wear an ordinary shirt, we will have to adapt to the size range of the shirt and adapt to own it looks on us.

Importance Of A Tailored Dress Shirt

Luckily, there is a substitute, and it's convenient and available for everyone: tailoring. Here it's explained why and how to pick a custom dress shirt. Particularly custom made shirts have turned out to be a significant trend in recent times, not only for the complete control they offer you over every feature of the personalization but also for the exact fit they provide to everyone respectively. Tailored according to your body instead of the familiar garments available in stores, a custom-tailored shirt fits better than anything.

Most men wear dress shirts that do not fit them correctly, overlooking that details matter the most. The shirt you wear, without a jacket, is the most influential tool you are using to connect with individuals around you. Your shirt, no matter you like it or not, is speaking for you, so make sure it's depicting the real you.

Why Choose A Custom Dress Shirt?

What it means to wear a custom made dress shirt can only be understood once tried. To wear a unique suit that was exclusively made for us; it's an invaluable luxury. The benefits of picking a custom dress men's shirt are not only about the importance of wearing a shirt that fits us in the right way. A custom-tailored dress shirt is made according to your taste. From the color to the design, everything will be according to your liking, from the type of the collar to the cuffs.

Who Should Choose A Custom-Tailored Shirt?

For those who have a standard physique, custom-tailored dress often is a matter of preference and elegance, for all other men is a real necessity. For all those who value the specific details, choosing a custom dress shirt means not having to give up appearing in their best shape on all occasions and wearing the perfect shirt.

When To Choose A Custom-Tailored Shirt?

On occasions like the graduation daywedding ceremony, a date, or a formal party. One can also wear a custom tailored shirt to business meetings, first job interview, an important meeting, or a formal business dinner.

So many times, it happens that some of us find ourselves searching for a suit? On the wedding day, who wouldn't prefer to pull off a nice custom white shirt, choosing the best matching with specialties for ceremonies?

Picking a dress shirt suitable for all the more formal occasion means knowing how to respect the etiquette (business and not only), but mostly it means choosing to present to others the best version of ourselves.

The Right Way To Choose

Selecting a custom dress shirt today is easier than you think. You need to choose the fabric: color, pattern, material, and weave. Once you have selected the fabric, you can continue adding the various details, including neck, cuffs, buttons, chest pocket, and embroiders. The last passage is the one about taking effective body measurements. You can visit a seasoned tailor or let your friend make the correct measurements of your body.


It's relatively easier: a well-fitted dress shirt should first and foremost be comfortable. But how to exactly comprehend if it fits you correctly? In particular, the right fit should allow two fingers in the collar when buttoned and has to betight enough around the chest.

A well-tailored shirt should also have long enough sleeves so that you can extend your arms in any direction without the cuff pulling away from the wrist. At the same time, if the sleeve length fits correctly, you shouldn't have more than 1 inch of fabric near the cuff when your arms.


The point of a shirt collar is to balance and frame a man's face properly. It's the most noticeable part of a dress shirt when wearing a jacket and plays a huge role in determining its formality and use. The basic difference in a collar is the space, the distance between collar points on a collar. Shirt collars go from less room as the Italian one to more room like the cutaway collar.


Apart from the collar, the shirt's cuffs are the only obvious parts of a shirt when a jacket is put on. Most dress shirt cuffs are pretty standard: a barrel cuff with a squared edge, two buttons, and interlining. A wide variety of cuff styles are available: from a rounded edge to a rectangular cuff to a unique French variety (to be fastened with cufflinks instead of buttons) to finish off more special looks.

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