Ways Professional Translations Can Help in Business Growth

Posted by AL Syed Legal Translation on November 27th, 2020

Over last couple of decades, we all have witnessed how technology and the internet have changed the perspective of businesses operating without any boundaries. You can sit in the corner of your room and can sell your services through the internet to anyone around the globe.

The only boundary we were left with was the language barrier and legal translation services have helped greatly to overcome that too. “Translation near me” is all that you need to find the possible translation service providers near you and get you started with a global outreach of the business.

It does not matter if you are a new entrant in the market or an established business, translation of services to any language around the world is helpful equally. You may wonder that English is the most common and used language around the world, then why someone would need to translate services and offerings into more than that.

It is true that English is spoken and understood by the majority of the people globally, but not all of them. Risking to offer your services in the most common language still has the probability of losing 50% of potential customers who feel more confident. The reason is that they see a piece of information in the language that they speak and understand on a daily basis. 

Translation Near Me – What Can Be Translated?

Be it a freelancer offering a unique skill or services from a small room or a chain of businesses operating in different countries of the world; anyone could be in need of translation services. There is no limitation in terms if what can be translated into other languages. It could be your resume, your website content, your research paper for other than your native language publication, your marketing portfolio items, your product packaging, etc.

When someone has a clear mission in mind to expand service worldwide, the critical part is that your offering around the globe should communicate the same message to everyone. Professional translation services are of great value when you need your native content to be translated into perfect, grammar free other languages.

Why Do Businesses Need Professional Translation Services?

Keep in mind that translation is not about a word-to-word conversion of one language to another; it is about conveying the same message and sentiments through the converted text. Even robots or online translation software can do translation; however, only professional translation service agencies can ensure the accuracy and precision of the translation work.

Professional service providers are bound to the confidentiality and secrecy of data if needed, and robots/software cannot guarantee that. Anything you post to the internet world can go viral and can be posted to global databases without the pre-consent of the content owner.

In the case of brands or large businesses, it is of critical value that their identity, mission or vision statement, logos, any form of marketing material cannot be published around the globe. Therefore, instead of using free software look around and find legal translation near me.

Benefits Of Translation

The first question that comes to any mind would be why translation is important and if I do so, in how many ways it can help my business. Let us state some evident benefits that other businesses have seen, and someone looking for translation services should expect from the outcomes of translation.

Enhanced Customer Experience

Customers feel more confident in buying when they can get the needed information in their own language. Despite the fact that if the same information is available in commonly known languages, customer experience is enhanced with the availability of accurate information, and the possibility that the same customer will buy again increases.

Reliability and Trust Worthy

Looking at a product or offering in a foreign language may put the customer in a state of confusion. Generally speaking, if someone is looking for critical information about a business or offering, if that is not available in the local understandable wording, one will never reach to the buying decision. Customers perceive a brand as more reliable and trustworthy if the information about the products or offering is easy to understand.

Customer Perceived Value

Brands or businesses that tailor their offerings to variant regions and languages people speak there are considered more customer-centric than the businesses that try to sell through generic marketing or product content. Being a buyer, one expects that businesses are committed to providing a tailored solution to one’s need rather than just selling the products.

Increased Outreach of Business

Technology, online businesses, E-commerce, Woo-commerce, global online marketplaces such as Amazon, Ali Express, etc. has provided common places to do business without setting up physical warehouses or production in all countries. Yet, if on these common platforms, a buyer is unable to understand a product or offering, that business is still losing a customer.

Other than that, if a business has its own website or online selling platform, the reachability of customers is increased by simply translating the website or shop content to multiple common speaking languages.

If you are still wondering how to do that efficiently and without spending much effort out of your busy business routine. The best solution is to look around and find “translation near me”. Dedicated professional service providers who can ensure the accuracy, precision and integrity of the content without altering the brand value attached with a person or a business.

Al Syed Legal Translation is offering the professional translation services around the globe – no matter where your business is located and which language you are targeting for the translation of your business material, we have reliable legal translation office in Dubai services at your back.

Reach out to our representative today and share your requirements. We promise you guaranteed turnaround time for reliable and accurate, mistake-free translation services. Without compromising the quality of work, we have affordable packages for each business scale, and we ensure customer satisfaction through each project. Contact us today for a customized quote for any translation work required for increasing the outreach of the business.


Translation services can enhance the customer experience and help you in acquiring customers around the globe by simply making your product or offering available in the native language. Read more about the translation benefits for businesses.

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