Lantus Why is this medicine a good choice for Diabetes patients?

Posted by 90daymeds on November 27th, 2020

Lantus is a man-made form of hormone which is produced within the body. Insulin is a hormone which works by lowering the levels of glucose (sugar) within the blood. The medicine works by improving the blood sugar control in the adults and children with Diabetes Mellitus. This is used in adults with either type 1 or type 2. In the children, they are used in the children who are at least 6 years old and who are suffering from type 1. 

When Lantus must not be used? 

You must use it if you are suffering from hypoglycemia or if you are in the state of diabetic ketoacidosis. It is necessary to not share the Lantus injection pen or the cartridge with another individual. Why should the injection pens or cartridges not share? 

Sharing of the injection pens or the cartridges can allow the disease of Hepatitis or HIV and therefore the injection must not be shared. 

Are all insulin glargine brands the same? 

Not all Insulin glargine brands are same in dosing. You must follow your doctor’s instructions when changing from a brand to another. If there are any changes within the brand, strength, type of insulin or usage then the dosage requires might change. 

Lantus is only a part of the complete program of treatment and might include the diet, weight control, eye care, dental care and much more. You must follow the diet, medication and exercise routines closely. Changing any of these factors could affect the sugar level within the blood. 

Are there side effects of Lantus? 

Getting the medical emergency can assist if you have the signs of an allergic reaction to the Lantus: redness or the swelling where an injection was given, trouble breathing, faster heartbeats and swelling of the tongue or the throat. There is also gain of the weight and there is swelling within the hands or feet, shortness of breath or others. 

If you are looking for the Lantus then you must acquire it online. You must get the Lantus after consulting a doctor as the side effects of Lantus are-

  • Low blood sugar
  • Itching, mild skin rash and others
  • Thickening as well as hollowing of the skin where the medicine is injected. 

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