Why and When You Should Consult With a Labor Lawyer in Los Angeles?

Posted by Grisel Herrick on November 27th, 2020

Most employees work for their bread-and-butter in the workplace provide their best effort for their employers with a hope to prosper in life. On the contrary, a variety of unethical practices of crooked employers in the US are widespread. This is why; you should be aware of the legal right that you’re worthy of being an employee of your organization. Wherever, you feel that you’re wrongly treated or deprived of your right, never delay to consult with an experienced labor lawyer in Los Angeles. The article talks about three common situations whereas working with such a legal personality makes sense to protect your rights.

Wrongful Termination

A shocking episode of wrongful termination occurs whereas an employee is fired or laid-off from the position without reasonable cause. This could be an aftereffect of defamation of the employee, due to discrimination, retaliation, or many other reasons. Even if, ‘at-will’ clause based hiring is still in vogue, but workplace federal laws have equally been strictly formulated to defend the interest of employees if case, the reason for the firing is not according to the law. Precisely it makes the termination illegal in the eye of law and needed action should be taken.

So, under circumstances, as you feel that you’re illegally terminated… why do panic! Given that, fighting against an employer is quite challenging while you’re virtually ignorant about workplace laws, you’re recommended to discuss with a learned labor lawyer in Los Angeles once you’re out of the job. For your information that a series of labor laws are in place to protect one’s rights as an employee. To name a few of these provisions are the Equal Pay Act, Americans with Disabilities Act, Pregnancy Discrimination Act, and more. Working with a compassionate labor lawyer not only helps you to know your workplace rights, after evaluation of the whole episode, they will also deploy the appropriate legal provisions to defend your right by means of getting back the job with compensation or complete settlement.

Wrongfully Discriminated / Unfairly Treated
Under many situations, the act of your boss may feel that you’re unfairly treated as discriminating against you from other employees. Any sort of workplace discrimination, be it happens due to race, religion, gender, national origin, physical disability, pregnancy, is treated completely illegal. The upshot of such discrimination may stop you from getting the expected promotion, increment of salary or even transferring you to some remote branch, and so on.

Why working with a professional lawyer in Los Angeles is important because proving illegal discrimination is awfully taxing, while building the most appropriate legal steps and collection of various data happen to be crucial. Employees need to be especially aware of situations whilst your rights are violated due to wrongful performance review which is a common alibi of employers to establish the case. Having access to the right attorney is the only option to protect your rights.

Wrongful Employee Classification

It’s a very common experience of lawyers fight on the behalf of poor employees whereas employers define their workers as independent contractors. The whole objective of these unethical practices is simply to paying minimum wage in the form of contractual payment as well as avoiding payment of payroll taxes, overtime compensation, or passing up the liability of adhering to legitimate fulfillments like allowing a break between working hours.

In addition, misclassification of workplace employees helps employers to easily deprive employers of workers’ compensation insurance and staying away from the liability for paying for employee insurance, social security, or disability insurance, etc. You need to know that independent contractors are completely different identities and they’re not treated as workplace employees. Once you feel that you’re deprived of your lawful rights due to misclassifying your employment position, without a second’s delay contact an expert labor lawyer in Los Angeles who will analyze the whole scenario and help you get you legitimate with all dues from the beginning and compensation as settled with the employer.

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