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Posted by AdrianRocker on April 20th, 2014

Siri is, undoubtedly, one of the best introductions by Apple creators. You can use this voice assist in a large number of ways for handling your routine chores. Activities including reminders, appointments, sending texts, calendar schedules and taking notes are some of the principal activities that you can perform using Siri. To summarize, Siri can help you organize regular activities and remain productive. Read on to know about how to install Siri for windows 7 on your windows PC. You can visit a reliable website that allows you to download Siri on PC from a reliable website.  You can also download Mako.

One of the plus points of Siri is that it excellently responds to a large array of language usage. The people using Siri can casually address the PC on which Siri is installed. Siri flexibly understands short and simple phrases and words related to smartphone tasks including placing of calls, conducting internet searches, messaging texts and employing calendar functions.

Siri fields generic questions invoking a system known as WolframAlpha. You can access this system online for free. The system efficiently answers the questions that are simply phrased through database lookup. Note that the system can only offer answers by checking the facts that are there in the structured database tables.

If you are in search on an app like Siri on PC, you can scan through a reliable website that allows you to download such software applications. Mitini happens to be the Siri for windows 7. It has a natural voice dictatio. You can easily download Mitini.exe which is based on APIs that are totally free of charge. However, do not expect it to e as powerful and accurate as Siri on Smartphones. Try to stay away from fake Siri app.

Let us now throw some light on how to Siri on Windows 7. Using Siri enables your PC to be an obedient device. If you are a Windows 7 user, you will be able to use language to command the device to operate conveniently. First, you need to access microphone to your PC and then start the Windows 7 speech recognition function. After that you need to select the option “Start speech recognition”. If you are using the function for the first time, the system will guide you about how to use different settings. As a user, you can directly see voice commands on your computer.

The new "Siri" for windows is expected to understand the man-machine interaction and even go beyond Apple Siri in this respect. There are a large number of websites that offer free trial as well as premium trial programs. If you take the free trial program, you will be able to download applications like Siri totally free of cost. Make sure that you visit a website that is trustworthy for downloading apps like Siri. If you have any question regarding how the site operates, you can go through the FAQ section thoroughly to get your answer. You can download Mako and get a free trial version from the chosen site.

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