Important Steps Involved In Self-Publishing Ebooks

Posted by AxelPrice on April 20th, 2014

Being the master of your destiny is the slogan that drives authors into the self-publishing arena since it enables them to control not just the future of their ebook but also the income that accrues. The obvious question that arises is the need to self-publish when there are several publishing houses available for performing the same function. As novices, authors do go through the cycle of submitting their work to an established platform and wait for results but as days and months roll by, the need to acquire autonomy takes priority over everything else. In such a situation it is time to enroll into courses that teach how to self-publish ebooks.

Self-publishing is not as rare on the Internet nowadays as it was around five years back and that is why it does not require much thinking over in terms of a program or a template. However, now it is more important than ever to identify a program that is most ideally suited for your ebook so that its impact on readers is optimal. Training as regards choosing an ebook format wisely is imparted in reputed and reliable how to self-publish ebooks courses and every author who aspires to take off on his own must undertake such a course. Opting for a universal format is advantageous since it eliminates the need to reformat your book time and again.

Every book bears an ISBN, an acronym for International Standard book Number and this is applicable to ebooks and enovels too. When you break ice in self-publishing as an author, ensuring that your ebook is assigned an ISBN is your responsibility and one that should be fulfilled since it has a bearing on all commercial activity associated with the book. ISBN should be compatible with the format of the ebook and lays the groundwork for your copyright application that would ensure that your right as an author is not infringed upon. Learning how to self-publish ebooks also entails designing a book cover that echoes the theme of your ebook.

Prior to launching your ebook and adjudging the results of your first attempt at self-publishing, you must set the channel for payment and ensure that it is not just smooth but secure too. With several financial companies offering viable solutions, the onus is on you to opt for one that takes minimum processing time and is free of unnecessary paperwork. Once your ebook starts selling, this channel will serve as your primary source of income and hence the need to establish it earlier is imperative. Procrastination due to lack of confidence should be overcome since this goes hand-in-hand with knowledge pertaining to how to self-publish ebooks.

Testing your ebook prior to launching and promoting it also forms a mandatory part of self- publishing since it is the only way that will reveal how the ebook will appear post publishing. Another bit of information that would be revealed pertains to its compatibility with various formats and the more formats it can be downloaded into the higher will be its popularity. Lastly, it is time to promote your ebook and as per rules governing how to self-publish ebooks every instrument from press releases to social networking sites should be used to champion your efforts without being too aggressive. 

Taking to self-publishing ebooks is akin to online entrepreneurship and hence should be handled with care in order to ensure survival. Knowing how to self-publish ebooks not only acts as a guideline to get the project on the road but also plays the role of a beacon for an author who might be venturing into the field for the first time.

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