The Elder Scrolls Online Opinion to the subscription criticism

Posted by 4esogold on April 21st, 2014

After starting the MMORPG The Elder Scrolls Online on 4 April it rained criticism on the manner in which the subscription is debited in the game.

While in many other MMOs can first use the most 30 days of free game time and is prompted only subsequently to deposit payment details and pay for another season, it's at The Elder Scrolls Online so that you can already directly after installation Checkout is requested. You can not even use the free 30 day game time deposit without payment data or having to buy more game time. Many players felt cheated because they were of the opinion that it would thus be no genuinely free game time. Especially those who do not want to continue playing after the 30 days, it hit hard. The symptoms were so severe that even the Consumer Federation (vzbv) intervened and Zenimax Online issued a warning. One should not advertise free game time when you will be asked to pay already before this time.

Now Zenimax Online has officially reported to the criticism concerning word and writes: " We listen to all requests that are brought from the consumer side to us, the greatest attention. We have always clearly indicate that The Elder Scrolls Online is based on a subscription model game and the conclusion of a subscription is needed to play. Each player will receive 30 days of game time with the purchase of the product. When you register, we ask our customers what payment method they prefer for the subscription period after the first 30 days. Customers who complete their subscription using a permanent method of payment - like a credit card - will be charged the associated account until after the first 30 days and they can go to at any time to cancel the payment order. However, in order to respond flexibly to customer requests, we have also also the payment methods offered, which only allow a single payment, as, inter alia, Ideal, Webmoney, Paysafecard or Giropay. Customers who choose to make a one-time payment to complete your subscription will be explicitly noted that "the burden is immediate." When using these alternative payment options in addition to the 30 days of free game time, instant activation of the acquired another season quota, which can be 30, 90 or 180 days is done. Although we have tried to explain the use of the above "one-off" payment methods with prudence and transparency, there were misunderstandings. We would like, therefore, customers who have mistakenly decided for the payment option with Ideal, Webmoney, Paysafecard or Giropay at the conclusion of their subscription before April 11 (and which are still within their thirty days of included game time are) offering, the amount paid on request back to report again. Since we currently check the offer of the above payment methods for our customers, we've disabled until further notice in our system. "READ MORE:Eso Gold

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