How to Perform Umrah

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Umrah consists of 4 compulsory practices. Firstly, you wear Ihram garments before the Meeqat, perform two Rakats of prayer. And do your Niyyat as the Meeqat approaches, then reciting the Talbiyah frequently.

Secondly, perform the Tawaf of the Kaaba followed by two Rakats of prayer, preferably near Maqam e Ibrahim. 3rd, you perform Sa'i between two mountains (Safa and Marwah). 4th, you shave (Halq) or shorten (Taqsir) your hair. Then your Umrah will be done.

Before wearing Ihram garments, take care of your personal hygiene by trimming your nails and removing hair (under the armpits and pubic). Then you must take the Ghusl, If you cannot do Ghusl due to a reasonable reason, then it will be enough to do Wudhu. Men can apply perfume on the head/beard, making sure that your Ihram is not stained.

Ihram clothes

Men must use the two unstitched sheets in white colour as Ihram dress. One sheet is called Azhar that covers the lower part of the body. The second sheet is called Radha that covers the upper part of the body. There is no prohibition in using sandals during Umrah but sandals should not cover the ankle & heel.

Make sure to wear your ihram before crossing the designated meeqat. Travelling to Saudi Arabia by plane may be a preferable way for you, so you will wear ihram at the airport before leaving or during the stopover when you have a chance.

Check-in first and switch to a prayer room or bathroom. Alternatively, you can keep your ihram for flight, although keep in mind that plane bathrooms are normally very limited in space. But if you choose the Saudi Airline then you can wear Ihram at prayer place.

After assuming Ihram garment, men can't wear any stitched cloth even socks, headwear, and underwear. But if one uses a pocket belt to keep something on Umrah journey then he is free from this prohibition.

Women do not have to follow particular clothes. The dress should be a simple Islamic dress in any colour. Hands and faces should be exposed, although socks can be worn.

The intention of Umrah must be made at the Meeqat. After making intention (Niyyah), start to recite Talbiyah and dressed in Ihram is called Muhrim. Reciting the Talbiyah will be stopped before entering the gates of Masjid Al-Haram.

Must keep it in your mind:

Don't cut or damage grass, trees
Don't harm or kill any animal
Don't enter in haram with weapons
Don't be violent and indulge in fight


Tawaf consists of 7 times walking around the Kaaba and It starts from the point of Hajre Aswad by touching & kissing or Istilam.
Kissing - If you can access to reach the Black Stone, then put your hands on it, place your face between your two hands, say "Bismillah Lal Wa Wal Ho Akbar" and kiss lightly.

Touching - If you have approached Hajre Aswad but are unable to kiss it then touch it with your hands and kiss your hands.

Istialam - If it is not possible to reach this stone, as is possible, use the symbolic face of Hajj al-Assad directly and raise your hands to your ears (as you do when you start prayer). Make sure that your palms are also facing, as if your face and hands are on the Black Stone and say "Bismillah Allah Wa Ho Akbar". You can kiss your palms if you want.

To perform the tawaf, you must complete your all 7 circuits into a counterclockwise direction. After ending 7 circuits, you will offer 2 Rakats prayer near the Maqam e Ibrahim.


Muslims should be immediately performed Sa'i after Tawaf because it is a Sunnah. If one of them feel tired after Tawaf then he/she can take some rest. And keep in mind, you need to cover 3 kilometres during Sa'i.

You will complete 7 laps of Sa’i between Safa and Marwah. One lap is considered when one moves to Safa to Marwah, the second is considered from Marwah to Safa. Women should walk at a normal speed between hills. But men must do it at speed.

Halq or Taqsir

After Sa'i, you can leave the state of Ihram but firstly you will shave your hair or cut at least an inch. If you do Halq/Taqsir then congratulation because your Umrah is be done successfully.
This abstract of the Method of Umrah can be proved a helpful source when you go to perform Umrah.

But only knowing the method of Umrah doesn't sufficient for you. Because first of all, you will need an Umrah visa, airline tickets, hotels reservation, and transport. And you can get all these facilities by buying Umrah Packages all inclusive.

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