Understanding Ebook Marketing Techniques Helps Simplify the Process

Posted by AxelPrice on April 21st, 2014

If you visit an online forum pertaining to ebooks and their sales, something that would surprise you is the mixed reaction of people who might have been actively participating in a discussion. While there are authors who will vouch for the profitability that is associated with an ebook, on the flip side there are bound to be others who will probably term the entire exercise as a complete waste of time. It is the latter reaction that may surprise you because the lucrative aspect of an ebook has been a hot topic of discussion on the Internet particularly the pay by chapter concept that is associated with it. So what could have gone wrong?

Answer to this query lies in the marketing techniques employed while projecting the ebook on to a global platform. In the presence of several methods that claim to market ebooks successfully, identifying one that is most suitable for your needs is a difficult and overwhelming task. The byword here is that of simplicity – you must opt for a marketing campaign that is simple enough for you to understand and yet is effective is launching your creation. Another criterion for selection is the campaign’s applicability even at later stages, meaning when the book is segregated and it is time to put pay by chapter scheme into practice.

A major pitfall that ebook authors normally fall into pertains to selecting the niche that they base their writing on. There are certain niches that are over-saturated in terms of content and writing on them amounts to adding to an already existing huge library of articles. For example, a niche like payday loans has been so thoroughly explored in the past both in form of ebooks as also standalones under pay by chapter that choosing to write on this niche is akin to committing hara-kiri as an author. How much ever good your marketing strategy might be, it is unlikely to yield results if the niche selected is one that is out-dated.

In addition to selecting an appropriate niche, application of certain strategies helps to popularize the ebook and ensure that it reaches a wider audience. You might make a beginning by designing a sales page that is attractive but stops short of being garish, features an eye-catching headline and has a call-for-action at the end of the page. This option is both effective as also economical and should be followed by triggering an affiliate program wherein you would just need to pay commissions on the book. Instead of marketing the entire book, you can pull out a single chapter and market it too under the pay by chapter scheme to check if it clicks.

Other techniques include list building and ensuring a steady trickle of traffic, both free and paid, so that people are aware about your ebook as also its contents. Whether you market the entire book or resort to pay by chapter scheme, your objective of financial freedom and flexible working hours should be satisfied and duly met. This is the ultimate aim of any marketing strategy and hence you must devise one which meets these requisites in the best possible way as also the shortest possible time.

How successful is the ebook depends on the marketing strategy that is employed to launch it on a global platform. Once an effective strategy is in place, it is just a matter of time before profitability is accrued whether the book is sold in its entirety of through pay by chapter scheme.

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