How To Choose the Perfect Door Handles For Your Space

Posted by John Michael on November 29th, 2020

More than just your interior doors’ open and close mechanism, the door handles in your home can amp up the overall look of your living space. Yes, you read it right! Like most of your hardware, the unassuming and mostly overlooked door handles can dramatically change the feel and character of your interior.  

As they say, “design is in the details” is no humdrum to the aesthete nor a passing statement for a person with an artistic insight, most especially when it comes to creating a visual interest in your home.

Take this Satin Brass door handle with its contemporary design that can blend effortlessly in any modern home. On top of the simple and clean oval profile is the rich brass hue that gives it that timeless elegance. 

An equally gorgeous door handle design is the Satin Brass Passage Door Handle-Kyoto, which has a sleeker form compared to the Havana version. Even with its sharp profile, it surprisingly feels smooth and solid under one’s grip. Match up the rich hue with equally sleek hardware such as the Flush Pull 250mm x 80mm Satin Brass then complete the look with Ball Bearing Hinge Pair 100mm x 75mm Satin Brass. 

As the Kyoto version has the hallmarks of the modern features, the sleek and smooth form is the perfect glitz for your Hollywood glammed home or, you can get that extra oomph for your transitional interior. 

There’s a simple reason why brass finishes are making a comeback and, that’s because they look great with the neutral hues popular today. Unlike gold, brass finishes are not too hard or shiny, instead have that soft and brushed gold look. From giving life to a stark white backdrop to giving warmth to the gray undertones of the raven hued surrounds, brass finishes are the perfect complement for your home’s modern doorways.  

Not feeling the neutrals? You’ll love how the soft glow of brass looks stunning on teal and reddish doors, especially if you’re aiming for that Haute bohemian look or want to turn heads with your Grandmillenial entryways. 

Another color pallet brought about by the roaring twenties is the black hue. Your hardware is the perfect design element to use black as it won’t be overbearing, most importantly if you’re planning to show a lot of hardware in one interior space.  

If you love the sophisticated look, Matt Black Passage Door Handle-Havana and the sleeker version Matt Black Passage Door Handle-Kyoto are great alternatives. 

Earth-toned doors or bold-colored doors, black goes along with any hue. Black hardware is as practical as they are versatile, they’re great for heavy-foot trafficked areas as staining or dents are not easily noticeable. Although all of Manovella’s door handles both the black matt and satin brass have the electroplated finish, which means it is highly durable and resistant to marks and scratches. 

Just as the brass version, your matt black door handles come with Ball Bearing Hinge Pair 100mm x 75mm Matt Black and Flush Pull 250mm x 80mm Matt Black. 

Matt finishes are by the way, are not only popular for your door hardware but we’re seeing an upsurge of the elegant finish’s popularity in kitchen and bathroom hardware as well. You’ll find these privacy door handles for bathrooms as your perfect choice. 

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