Sentimental Jewelry for Men

Posted by Andrew S Wilson on November 29th, 2020

People like wearing jewelry to appear stylish and trendy. However, not everyone wears jewelry for aesthetic purposes. Some people attach a sentiment or value towards the jewelry they wear. The jewelry is often a tribute towards a loved one. In other cases, it is to commemorate a special event or occasion. Cremation jewelry for ashes is a popular example of sentimental jewelry that both men and women wear. Moreover, stainless steel military dog tags also hold a significant place in the lives of soldiers.

Picture Pendants

Many men have the habit of keeping a family picture in their wallets. Alternatively, they wear pendants that open to reveal a picture inside them. Some men like to keep pictures of their spouses inside the pendant. Other men may prefer a picture of their children or perhaps their pet. These pendants are generally available in the shape of a heart. Thus, a picture pendant is a sentimental piece of jewelry. A man can hold his family close to his heart by wearing the pendant.

Military Dog Tags

Soldiers in the army often get a military dog tag as part of their uniform. Even after retirement from active service, many men choose to wear their military dog tags. Often, it becomes a symbol of remembrance and a tribute to their army buddies. Some people like to get inscriptions of names or important dates on their dog tags. Therefore, military dog tags also have a sentimental value for men. Nowadays, even people who are not in the military wear dog tags. At times, loved ones may wear a dog tag of a deceased soldier.

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