Two popular living room decoration styles

Posted by aihw on November 30th, 2020

The living room is an important space for family life, showing the owner's taste and style, and carrying a good time together for the family. A handful of the living room under the sun reflects every silhouette of a good life and records every wonderful moment. The living room is the focus of home decoration. A good-looking living room is enough to surprise a home~

Overland Ceramics introduces you to two popular styles of living room decoration design, which doubles the value of the “facade responsibility” at home and creates a full sense of life.

Modern minimalist style

The modern minimalist style is a decoration style based on simplicity, without too much-complicated design, seemingly simple, but emphasizing functionality, strong color contrast, simple and smooth lines, giving people a refreshing, simple, bright, and stylish inner feeling. Used in the living room, it is full of high-level sense, so that the home is no longer boring.

Overland Ceramics 600×1200mm full body marble tiles, with a variety of laying methods, can make the living room space flexible and changeable, enhance the visual extension effect, and feel the infinite charm of life in the square inch space. The simple visual effect of the modern minimalist style living room creates a fashionable and avant-garde atmosphere, which not only meets the basic needs of life, but also has a smart and refined artistic beauty, and meets a more intelligent and humanized living experience.

The modern and simple style removes the cumbersome decorations, the simple lines are natural and smooth, and space is laid out with lines to create a simple, stylish, quiet, and comfortable home atmosphere, allowing you to relax in the living room and embrace a better life.

Color matching is an important part of modern home decoration. Using three colors of black, white, and gray as the basic tone, high fashion, different levels of gray are mixed together, swaying natural, making every space unique. The wall and the ground set off each other, creating a sense of simplicity in the overall space, coupled with contrasting decorations and soft furnishings, and forming a clear color difference with the overall space, so that a small living room can also have a high-value appearance and enjoy slow-paced home life.

Modern luxury style

Light luxury comes from people's pursuit of high-quality and detailed life, and then gradually evolved into a refined attitude to life. Light luxury is not luxury, but the connotation of luxury, abandoning the external expression of luxury, using mild embodiment to make it connotative without being unassuming, showing the texture and visual impact of the space, creating a low-key, luxurious, Connotation of modern fashion new style.

Modern light luxury, a combination of modern comfort and luxury and exquisite style elements, not only makes the space house look high-class, but not rustic. In the decoration of young people, the modern light luxury style has attracted much attention. In modern light luxury style decoration, metal is a relatively common design element. By adding delicate metal texture to modern and generous spaces, the simple living room can also appear more gorgeous and advanced.

Metal elements have become the current trend of home design with their unique texture and high-level temperament exuding from the inside out. The delicate texture of the metal frame is matched with the fabric sofa. The softness of the fabric and the hardness of the metal meet, making the space matching just right. The modern light luxury style is born in an instant, and the spacious and comfortable light luxury living room allows you to enjoy the family romance and warmth under the sun.

Living room decoration is science. Here, not only shows your home taste but also collects the daily life of the family and records a happy life. Overland Ceramics 600×1200mm full-body marble tiles are based on nature, natural stone, and natural textures, showing the beauty of nature, making your living room simple and exquisite, and double the value!

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