How Empowering Leadership Training Can Help Leaders Get Better At Leading

Posted by Keion Henderson on November 30th, 2020

Leaders should always be on their toes. They have to learn new trends, ways, and techniques to manage their followers. For sure, it is not an easy task. But if you are a true leader, you would love to adapt with time.

Senior Pastor Keion Henderson spoke first, gently, and smiling with positivity as always. He commented, “Empowering leadership is all about you are training your core capabilities for the betterment of those whom you influence. You have to constantly prepare yourself. This can be by the skills of assessment, adaptability, and acceptability. You have to accept what you are and what you can do. But you have to constantly adapt and assess. Without these pillars, you will be stuck at one point. And your followers don’t follow you to be stuck in one place in their life or career. Are you getting the point? The word empowering or empowerment has all the answers in it. That’s how you end up becoming a person who people trust for their growth, both professionally and personally.” 

His entire monologue was quite empowering, isn’t it? We were thrilled to listen to him speak those exact words. Whatever he says always tends to leave a good impression on the listeners and readers. That’s one of the massive traits of an empowering leader for sure.

“You learn to listen to your followers from the empowering leadership training Senior Pastor Keion Henderson, and we offer collectively. All the pillars, Senior Pastor explained before, are possible for leaders to experience when they grow this type of training. They all learn the importance of paying attention to their followers and genuinely helping them go ahead in life with all that you have got.” This was some useful information on the leadership training they provide by another Pastor working as an educator.

One of the sisters spoke to us next. She was humble and sweet. She commented, “Our training sessions are focused on improving one’s analytsis, assessment, and intellectual skills. As a leader, you have to be creative, analytical, and someone who sees the trends. You must have that foresight to know what’s coming in the years ahead and how to cope with it. That’s one of the most amazing traits of empowering leaders. Through the regular and rigorous Empowering Leadership training, you can become a better leader because you know how to set goals and how to achieve the same.” 


From this press release, learn a lot more about becoming better at leading using empowering leadership training. We have Senior Pastor Keion Henderson and his clergy talking to us explaining the same.

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