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Posted by alisonreid29 on April 21st, 2014

I remember seeing a video a long time ago when an infant was put in a swimming pool and left alone. The child obviously panicked in the beginning but then it started splashing its hands and feet, trying to stay afloat. Its mother was there all the time, supervising its activities. What amazed me most was the fact that even such a small child knew that it had to do something to avoid what it felt was acute discomfort. Lesson that I learnt from this video – children love challenges. This applies even to learning and this is why kids puzzles are excellent for young learners. A whole range of such puzzles are available in toys online Australia stores.

Kids puzzles allow kids to meet life challenges head on. You ask a child to solve a puzzle for the first time and they may be initially baffled. As parents you need to know what your role is at this point of time. If you immediately start helping your child to solve the puzzle, they will never put in the effort to tackle the challenge. What you should ideally do is ask your child to think for a while and let them try out different strategies. Keep encouraging your child so that they don’t give up. After a while you may just drop a hint or two or make some alternation in their strategy to push them towards the solution. You will find that your child will ultimately solve the puzzle. And the moment this happens, your child will get a confident boost.

Problem solving skills are greatly enhanced by kids puzzles. When they spend time solving puzzles their minds are engaged in a constructive manner. This ensures that proper brain development happens. When your kid is a kid, it is too early to think about their career. But when you ask your child to solve a puzzle, you actually help them become independent. And this is what helps them when they grow up.

There are different types of puzzles that are available in toys online Australia stores – some have blocks, some have jigsaws and some have plastic moulds. There are many other types of puzzles available too. Shopping online for puzzles is not just shopping. It is a highly enjoyable experience. When you see a puzzle in one of the toys online Australia stores, you immediately start thinking about your kid – how delighted the child would be when you hand over the puzzle to them. This in itself is a great experience for any parent.

A lot of thinking goes into the creation of kids puzzles. The manufacturers don’t just focus on colours and materials. Each and every piece of puzzle has some logic built into it and this is what throws a challenge to your child. And when your child gets your encouragement while solving the puzzle and applause upon completing the puzzle, their confidence gets a massive boost. This in itself is a great achievement. So, visit a top toys online Australia store and shop to your heart’s content.

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