4 Things to Try in Your New Year’s Fitness Routine

Posted by Reebok on November 30th, 2020

As we approach the start of the new year, it’s important to reflect on the progress you’ve made thanks to your fitness routine. At the end of the day, any progress is worth celebrating, but don’t linger too long—it’s time to raise the bar even higher. Along with your overall fitness goals, consider how you can change up your fitness routine to make things more exciting and your time spent exercising more effective. Here are a few things you should include in your New Year’s fitness routine.

Take a Walk in Another Athlete’s Shoes

At one point or another, most of us choose a fitness path and never look back. For some of us, it’s distance running, while for others, it could be powerlifting. Whatever the case, this year, you should see what it’s like to walk in someone else’s gym shoes. This isn’t to say that you should throw your old routine out the window and become a dedicated bodybuilder, but maybe see how these routines and exercises could positively impact your goals.

Try New Equipment

Similar to trying a different type of workout style, you should also consider other types of workout equipment. For example, if you’ve always used barbells, try incorporating bands or chains to increase the resistance. Or, you could switch to kettlebells and take advantage of the various stabilizing benefits they provide. Another option is stepping off the treadmill and sitting into the rowing machine for a full-body cardio workout like nothing else. Whatever you have available, see how it could change the way you approach exercise.

Join a Group Workout

Working out can be a solitary activity for lots of us. We’re the ones putting in the effort, staying consistent and seeing the results, after all. With that being said, if you’ve never worked out in a group class setting or with a training partner, you could be missing out. Having other people around you going through the same workout can generate a buzzing, positive atmosphere. It might even ignite your inner competitive spirit to push harder so you can be among the top performers. The best part is you can join a group class in person or virtually, depending on your preference. It might not be for everyone, but you’ll never know until you try it.

Prioritize Active Recovery This Year

You take your workouts seriously, but what about your recovery? There’s more to it than just taking the day off. Many athletes follow an active recovery routine to help keep their bodies fresh and ready for the next workout. Whether it’s stretching, foam rolling or just going on a long walk, make it a priority this year the same as you would make buying new workout clothes for men or women a to-do. Your body will thank you, and you can hopefully make faster, better progress.

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