Rent a cleanroom facility for easy and quick experimentations

Posted by DulceLienau on November 30th, 2020

Many laboratories don’t have a clean work environment as they need it only for a short period of time. Situations like commissioning, short term failure or cleaning of their own current clean space need to be bridged. The quality of the process and product should not be affected and compromised. This is where Clean Room Rental Murieta comes at their rescue. It is the ideal solution for such situations.


You can easily and quickly create a controlled environment if you can avail the rental cleanroom services. You can save the cost of long setup and the time needs for dismantling. You don’t need to buy a new and permanent cleanroom environment for your lab. Look for the best rental services to get best quality cleanroom for your needs.


Rental cleanrooms are quick to create and easy to use in any environment. Usually, it is provided in 2 rollable transport containers. One container includes the filter wall that you can open easily and quickly whereas the second container includes the side and ceiling parts. It comes with plug-in connections, which helps for immediate installation of the cleanroom within minutes.

It has the filter surface, integrated lighting and electrostatically dissipative floor that stabilize the rental cleanroom and facilitate to be used in almost all environments, including indoors. The strong fan-filter modules generate a horizontal air flow. The front portion of the room is usually used as a sluice area – an air cleanliness class ISO 5 can be obtained. You can even obtain a higher air cleanliness class near the filter.

Perfect solution for your process

A rental cleanroom generally feature a floor space of around 20 m², but you can enhance it to an area of around 50m² by adding extra wall parts. Filter wall can limit the width to around 4m. Though the height is 2.50m, you can extend it and increase to 3m. If these dimensions are not suitable for you or you need a wider clean area, you will get flexible rental solution from reliable service providers.

Areas of application

Rental cleanroom facility provides the perfect conditions for reproducible quality of your product and can be utilized in a lab or industrial environments without particular advance services. You can do tasks like manufacturing, measuring and testing in this room within a short period of time.

There are hundreds of rental suppliers offering cleanroom of different sizes and spaces to choose from. Choose a contract manufacturer and look for their facilities available for you. Consider the rate of cleanroom facility for the specific size and measurement you need for your lab. You have to be very careful when choosing cleanroom rental service.

Check and ensure that the rental service is reliable and reasonable in all aspects. Consider some quality client reviews and testimonials. This will help you get some clear idea of the level of services offered by particular clearnroom rental services. Choose the best rental supplier to get excellent quality cleanroom for your lab requirements.

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