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Posted by amyseimetz on November 30th, 2020

This stunning success is due to the music streaming apps that contribute user-friendly features for the users who prefer better convenience. 


In the United States, it is found that the usage of audio streaming apps is around 95% in the year 2016. And no doubt, Spotify is one of the popular music streaming applications to date. In this article, let us look at what makes the Spotify application more impressive and the reasons for its overall success!

What is Spotify?


Spotify is nothing but a music streaming application which has turned out as a pioneer in recent days. It provides the opportunity for the users to listen to music according to their choice online. The users are no longer needed to download the songs which overload the memory. This is absolutely an excellent advantage for anyone who struggles with handling overloading memory issues.

Hence, the users can enjoy their favourite music tracks comfortably, legally and inexpensively with Spotify. It is available in most countries, but it is quite popular in New Zealand and Australia. 

Spotify provides accessibility to stream music services like Pandora and also with the ability to purchase tracks on iTunes. This music application has around 30 million songs and its number is increasing every day.

How did it all begin? It is another exciting story you should know before planning to invest in Spotify Clone App Development.


History of Spotify Application 


Spotify app development has an impressive history. The founders' Daniel Ek and Martin Lorenzson came up with an idea for a music streaming system during the phase when it was quite hard to download worthy content. Later in the year 2008, the story of Spotify began with the help of the startup funded by Wellington Partners and Horizons Ventures. 

  • In September 2010, the catalogue included around 10 million music tracks. 

  • In 2012, the Spotify application gained nearly 20 million users. Of these, 5 million users were utilizing the app on a free basis. After two years, the paid subscriptions hit around 12.5 million, and this is how the Spotify app has attained a tremendous success rate.

So, would you like to establish your own music streaming venture like Spotify? Here is an overall outlook for launching a Spotify clone in order to earn high revenue.

Why does involving in the Spotify clone app development is a unique idea?

People are indulged into music for centuries. Spotify has decided to make use of the love for music which considerably changed the approach for the entire process and the overall improvement. 

It all began with access to on-demand music. In the year 2011, Spotify expanded the functionality and offered Pandora, which enabled the possibility to turn any album or song into a radio station. Also, the information about the likes and preferences of the users were carefully collected by the system. Later, based on the collected data, Spotify was able to offer the users with a lot of audio tracks that he might wish to hear.

Everything mentioned above contributed to the growth of Spotify among music lovers, and it is evident that the features of Spotify enabled success to a great extent. It tries to deliver its best in order to avoid omissions and to increase the interest of the users. That is why Spotify has done the following factors:

  • Effectively developed a browser version in the year of 2012. This step enabled accessibility to most of the people who faced trouble in installing the application.

  • It launched a mobile application in 2009.

  • It did an outstanding job in order to establish music with better sound quality. 

  • It cancelled the time limits for streaming the music tracks.

All the above factors helped Spotify to render better accessibility which in turn increased customer satisfaction. It is of no wonder that Spotify has become one of the excellent music streaming applications within a short time, and it has become a favourite spot for anyone to listen to their favourite songs. 

How Spotify works?


Spotify application is highly compatible with several modern devices, and it efficiently runs on various operating systems like Windows, macOS, Linux, Android and iOS. Users can make use of the search bar in order to find their favourite albums, artists, playlists, and many more. Most importantly, users can create their own playlists and share it.

To organize a user-flow in the best way, undergoing a small analysis is quite necessary to deliver the best outcome. Now, take a look at the whole process to attain a better understanding of how it works.



  • Initially, a user has to register by visiting the site through email or Facebook. 

  • It is required to choose their preferred service format since the free version offers only limited services. 

  • Then the user can download Spotify Clone to their computer. This process will help him from visiting the site every time he wants to use the application. 

Spotify application:


  • The user can download the application from the Play Store or iTunes by following the given instructions.

  • The user need not have to download the application. They can even listen to their favourite music from the website itself.

How to launch a music streaming app like Spotify?


If you are willing to start your own music streaming app like Spotify, you have to know its detailed instructions and overflow in order to develop a music app like Spotify. Now, let us dive into the features that are offered by the music streaming apps like Spotify.

Registration system:


The registration process should be as simple as possible since too much of a complicated registration process will ultimately annoy the user. 



Each user should provide all the necessary details like name, date of birth, gender, musical preferences and many more in order to anticipate the desires of the users and to provide him with what he needs accurately.

Individual offers:


Spotify chose its way to achieve increased loyalty among the users. The Discovery feature offers the users a new playlist that includes music compositions according to their preferences. 

Push notifications:


It is one of the essential features as it reminds the users about the application, gives tips and notifies about the discounts. In simple words, the push notification advertises your services subtly.



Spotify application allows the users to communicate with other users through personal messages within the platform itself. It is not a primary feature but implementing this feature is obviously worthy.

Attractive UI/UX:


The application interface plays a significant role in enhancing the overall efficiency of the Spotify Clone application. The visually appealing design enables attracting the attention of the people and retaining it to achieve success in the longer run.

The perfect interface comprises:


  • Intuitive 

  • User-friendly

  • Modern 

  • Concise 

Final thoughts!


With the pointers as mentioned earlier, it is significant that music streaming has a lot of chances to cover the Digital Music market within the year 2021. It is the right time to indulge in launching a music streaming platform on your own to experience high profits. You can also reach out to our astute developer team to avail a feasible package on Spotify Clone App based on your requirements. 

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