Top 5 Questions for Finding International Recruiters

Posted by ross warner on November 30th, 2020

The international recruitment process is slightly different from local recruitment. Many companies using recruitment job sites, newspaper advertisements, advertisements on the career page, and many other services, but they are least bothered to go to a recruitment agency to hire their next candidates.

Companies do not like to approach the agency because they do not want other parties to get involved in the recruitment process as they already have much social presence in the market. If you are planning to go abroad for works, then many international recruiters for Africa give you a chance to work in Africa and many other counties.

In this article, we will discuss some of the questions you should ask before engaging with international employment agencies in South Africa and other foreign countries.

1. How does your fee structure work?

It is the first question to keep in mind about the fee structure of recruitment agencies. Many international agencies have separate plans for fee structure. If you can pay the immediate fee, the recruiting agency gives the first attention to the vacant position and immediately hires the next hire. If you are working with international recruiters for Africa, Dubai, Oman, and many other countries, will you pay full attention to filling the company's empty spot?

2. Does your firm have partners and connections where we are hiring?

It is a common factor when you are hiring for the international market. You will have to maintain relationships in your area. Ensure that your recruitment agency has many connections in different countries as many countries have their regional language to communicate. Many international recruiters for Africa have many associations in Africa and other north pole countries where the language is a barrier.

3. Can you tell me about the international placement you have done or what your affiliates have done?

It is another way to understand the successful ratio of a recruitment agency. Sometimes recruitment agency with experience does not have successful candidates in large companies, but with less experience, they have candidates who are successfully working in companies. Before finalizing the international recruiters for Africa and other counties, you have to find out how many international placements they have successfully made. According to their success stories, you will know who is capable of hiring for international markets.

4. What is the most common source of the candidates you place?

Try to find international recruiters in Africa if you have openings in Africa and other countries. Find out where your recruitment agency is collecting data. Make sure that your recruitment agency has many other connections to get job seeker data and do not depend on just one platform, for example - LinkedIn. No doubt, LinkedIn provides great candidates but not every time. Look out for a recruiter who has a large group of peers who help them get a suitable candidate.

5. Does your firm belong to an international network or association of any type?

It is the most important question you should consider to ask your recruitment agency for international hiring. Find out where this consultancy belongs, as many top agencies are part of several large consultancy companies. Sometimes the agency is not associated with any company because they develop most connections on their own. You need to do proper research if they can help with your international recruitment process or not.

Wrapping Up

Here we come to an end. We have discussed the most common question that you should consider before collaborating with recruitment agencies. Ross Warner HR is a No. 1 global recruiting company serving over 25 countries. For more information, please visit

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