What is a wire-to-wire connector

Posted by sere on November 30th, 2020

The wire-to-wire connector includes the form of wire-to-cable or cable-to-cable, and its defining feature is that two single-wire individuals or corresponding wires in two cables are permanently connected to each other. These permanent connections are more common in fixed connections, line-to-line connections and IDC connections.

Connectors are classified into three basic types: wire-to-wire, wire-to-board and board-to-board. These three types of connections are not completely different. The following two reasons can explain this type of overlap. First of all, the design scheme of the same connector only needs to be redefined after a slight change in the connection method, which becomes a new design scheme applicable to another type of connection method; secondly, a cable is assembled during assembly You can install a wire-to-wire connector on one end and a wire-to-board connector on the other end. For example, the appearance of I/O connector level 5 products is the most common example. If the ambiguity of this connection form is avoided, these connection forms just provide an effective basis for connector classification.

Crimped connections are common in discontinuous wire connectors. IDC is often used to dominate cable connectors because of its superiority in wire-related and wire harness end processing. Wire-to-wire connectors have various geometric shapes of plastic Supports such as rectangular and circular polymer shaped plastic parts, as well as plastic parts and metal shielding shells with many different shapes, are mainly used in the military.

Wire-to-wire connector supply information, you can also display the sales wire-to-wire for free here, and after T6 heat treatment, the appearance is treated with stainless steel shot sandblasting, which has the characteristics of good air tightness and beautiful appearance. It is easy to operate and install, and it is convenient to reach the end The effect of not venting odors, eliminating the need for the old-fashioned ground and underground traps to install and repair and connect. The line-to-line connector family includes rectangular, circular, and line-to-line connectors. The market prospects of ultra-small-D And ribbon connector. Coaxial connectors also belong to this series, but their design features for high-frequency use will be discussed later.

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