What are the application fields of solar battery

Posted by sere on November 30th, 2020

The solar battery came out, because of its high reliability and long life, it is suitable for many special environments and occasions. It replaced the selenium photocell and has been developed and widely used. solar batterys and photovoltaic power generation systems have been gradually applied to industry, agriculture, science and technology, national defense, and the daily lives of ordinary people, in the fields of communications; highways, railways, shipping and transportation; petroleum, marine, and meteorological fields; rural and remote areas without electricity Application is widely used. Let’s take a look with the flying saucer below.

1. Applications in the field of communications

Including solar unattended microwave relay station, optical cable communication system and maintenance station, mobile communication base station, broadcasting, communication power system, satellite communication and satellite TV receiving system, rural program-controlled telephone, carrier telephone photovoltaic system, small communication machine, military communication system, Soldier GPS power supply, etc.

2. Application in highway, railway, shipping and transportation

Such as railway and highway signal systems, railway signal lights, traffic warning lights, sign lights, signal lights, highway solar street lights, solar road stud lights, high-altitude obstacle lights, highway monitoring systems, highways, railway wireless telephone booths, unattended road shift power supply, Navigation light beacon and navigation light power supply, etc. Application examples of solar lamps.

3. Applications in the fields of petroleum, ocean and meteorology

Cathodic protection of oil pipelines and solar power systems for cathodic protection of reservoir gates, life and emergency power supplies for oil rigs, marine testing equipment, meteorological and hydrological observation equipment, observation stations, power supply systems, etc.

4. Application in rural and remote areas without electricity

Solar off-grid photovoltaic power generation systems used in rural areas such as plateaus, islands, pastoral areas, border posts, and remote areas without electricity, small wind-solar hybrid power generation systems in villages, schools, hospitals, restaurants, hotels, shops, etc. Solar photovoltaic water pump that solves the power problems of deep water well drinking and farmland irrigation in areas without electricity. There are also applications such as solar sprayers, solar electric fences, and solar black light insect killers.

5. Application of solar photovoltaic lighting

Solar street lights, garden lights, lawn lights, solar landscape lighting, solar road signs, signal instructions, advertising light box lighting, etc., as well as home lighting lamps and portable lamps, camping lights, climbing lights, fishing lights, tapping lights, energy-saving lights, flashlights Wait.

6. Application of large-scale ground photovoltaic power generation system (power station)

It is mainly used in the central and western regions of my country with good sunlight resources and a large amount of non-agricultural land.

7. Application of distributed photovoltaic power generation and building integrated photovoltaic power generation system (BIPV)

The use of industrial and commercial roofs, star roofs of public facilities, and roofs of homes and houses to install distributed photovoltaic power generation systems, and use solar battery modules to replace building materials as the roof and facade of buildings, so that all types of buildings can achieve photovoltaic power generation The system and the power grid are connected to the grid, mainly for self-generation and self-use, and the surplus power is sent to the grid. This will be the main form and development direction of photovoltaic power generation applications at present and in the future.

8. Application of solar products and toys

Solar radio, solar clock, solar hat, solar mobile phone charger, solar energy watch, solar calculator, solar toy, etc.

9. Applications in other fields

Solar electric vehicles, electric bicycles, solar yachts, solar charging equipment, solar car air conditioners, ventilators, cold drink boxes, etc., as well as solar hydrogen fuel cell regenerative power generation systems, power supply for seawater desalination equipment, satellites, spacecraft, space solar power stations, etc.

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