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Posted by sere on November 30th, 2020

Although the development of the plastics industry in Thailand is limited, the investment in plastic equipment has reached more than 1 billion US dollars in the past 10 years, and the market prospect of plastic injection moulding machine is promising. In order to continuously produce various modern products, the Thai plastics industry must update its equipment and introduce advanced technology to compete with plastics manufacturers in other countries and regions.

Nowadays, the Thai plastics industry can only provide general household plastic products, and it will continue to increase investment in the future. According to the Thai Plastics Corporation, the future investment in equipment for the Thai plastics industry will cost approximately US billion. This shows that there are huge business opportunities in the plastic machinery market in Thailand. The chairman of the Thai Plastics Association said that there is currently no plastics company investing in modern high-quality plastics production equipment, and the country's mold factory is also lagging behind the world. Under this circumstance, many Thai plastics companies have realized the existence of the crisis and began to enter the overseas market to invest in high-tech equipment.

In 1995, the Thai government began to encourage the development of the plastics industry, which has become one of the fastest growing industries in the past few years. At the same time, "2010 Thailand Plastic Industry Development Plan and Vision 2020" will focus on household products and high-tech products as the development of the plastics industry. It is also expected that the annual growth rate of consumption in Thailand will be around 25%~30% in the future. Plastic consumption will reach 50 kg or so. In 2016, Thailand's plastics export volume will reach 500,000 tons. In the next few years, the plastics industry in Thailand will have a big development.

First of all, China's plastic machinery enterprises have a certain strength after years of development. Compared with the products of international large enterprises, China's plastic machinery products are mainly in terms of cost performance. China's products are lower in price and can be more widely used. Secondly, the establishment of the Chinese enterprises has been reduced. Secondly, the establishment of the China-ASEAN Free Trade Zone has reduced the tariffs on China's exports to Thailand. In January 2007, Thailand's accession to the WTO also provided business opportunities for the export of China's plastic machinery products to Thailand.

In order to expand the sales share in the domestic and foreign markets, Thai plastic companies have increased their investment and increased their business scale. Due to the backward development of Thailand's industry, especially the backward development of machinery manufacturing industry, Thailand's plastic machinery and equipment needs to be imported in large quantities, providing an opportunity for China's plastic machinery products to be exported to Thailand.

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