What is CBD?

Posted by Ankit Kharola on November 30th, 2020

As someone who likes to stay informed about or work in the medical field, you are probably already familiar with CBD or cannabinoids. Still, you certainly have a lot of questions about what it is and how it works. You may also have doubts about its health benefits, as claimed by experts.

Once you have the answers to such questions, you will understand what a breakthrough CBD is. Not sure where to find these answers yet? No worries! This is a comprehensive guide to CBD and its differences from cannabis.

Cannabis plants are chemical powerhouses and produce more than 400 different active ingredients. Many plants are categorized as cannabis, but not all of the chemicals they make are unique to cannabis. For that reason, cannabis sometimes smells like lemon or pine cones.

Of all the chemicals a cannabis plant produces, only 60 are actually classified as cannabis or cannabinoid by experts. It is important to note that not all cannabinoids are the same. CBD or cannabidiol is one of these 60 cannabinoids. Recently it has been discovered that CBD has multiple therapeutic and health benefits.

When one looks at the effects and benefits of CBD, it quickly becomes clear that it can radically change the medical sector. In this article you can read what CBD is, what effects it has and what the expected benefits are.

What is CBD?

Extracted from cannabis or hemp plants, CBD is one of the most essential cannabinoids these plants produce. CBD is so interesting because, unlike THC, CBD has no psychoactive effects.

In other words, CBD does not get you high. Both THC and CBD are cannabinoids that affect receptors in the brain. In addition, both substances are also naturally produced in the human body, making them part of the endocannabinoid system. THC and CBD help ensure that certain physiological processes continue to function properly and react with the receptors in the immune and nervous systems. The effects you feel are caused by the interaction between CBD and these receptors.

In addition to being different from THC, research also shows that CBD helps suppress the negative effects of THC, such as paranoia and anxiety. For that reason, many people prefer cannabis strains with a reliable balance between THC and CBD. The balance between both substances helps to suppress the effects of THC on body and mind.

Why is CBD getting so much attention?

Before discussing the operation, effects and other details of CBD, it is important to familiarize yourself with the possibilities of this powerful substance. Recently there has been much talk about the medical uses of CBD and cannabis in general. At the same time, it can also be a valuable product for recreational users. CBD has a number of unique properties that make it easy to incorporate into our daily routine. It is a naturally occurring substance in the body that helps fight pain and stress. Because it acts on the receptors in the central nervous system, CBD helps the body feel more relaxed and relaxed.

This is how CBD works in the body

CBD uses the extensive neural network of our endocannabinoid system. This system branches throughout our body and contains innumerable receptors that bind with cannabinoids. In other words, CBD is absorbed into the bloodstream when it is consumed.

Thanks to the chemical interaction of these compounds, your body is stimulated in certain ways. In fact, the human body is tuned to CBD. Since the endocannabinoid system is closely related to other bodily systems, it helps the important bodily functions to function properly. Due to the effects of CBD on the endocannabinoid system, your body reacts in many ways. For example, by experiencing less pain, relaxing more and feeling more appetite.

CBD is not harmful to the body and has no known side effects. At the same time, you should be aware that the interaction between CBD and the endocannabinoid system can lead to violent reactions.

Once CBD has bound to the receptors of the endocannabinoid system, it stimulates the production of neurotransmitters. At the same time, CBD limits the production of certain hormones, which trigger multiple reactions in the body. However, most of these CBD-related effects are positive. That is why scientists are investigating the possible applications of this unique substance.

It is difficult to understand all of the effects of CBD on the body. Here you will find a brief overview so that you at least understand its principles.

The Effects of CBD

CBD has several effects that are not associated with weed or hemp. However, all effects of CBD have a strong medical foundation. Multiple studies have shown that CBD has anti-inflammatory effects, protecting the body from many diseases.

Research has also been done to determine the anti-psychotic effects of CBD on the brain. In addition, the neuro-protective properties of CBD have been shown to help protect, grow and develop the nervous system and brain.

The WHO published a study in 2017 showing that both governments and medical authorities are satisfied with the benefits of CBD, and its healing effect on many health problems.

Certain side effects, such as vomiting and fatigue after taking CBD, also occurred. However, follow-up research has shown that these side effects are not caused by CBD. It is a result of the interaction between CBD and other drugs. Regardless, experts are increasingly finding evidence that CBD offers multiple health benefits and is an ideal means of treating a variety of health conditions.

THC and CBD - what's the difference?

The question is often asked what the difference is between CBD and THC. It's important to understand the main difference, as it makes it clear why CBD is much better than THC.

As already mentioned, unlike THC, CBD does not get you high. In addition, CBD has a number of positive psychological effects that help with various health conditions. Research has shown that using pure CBD, without any traces of THC, only has positive effects.

Where does CBD come from?

CBD is extracted from various cannabis plants. However, the hemp plant is most commonly used. A cannabis plant contains more than 85 chemicals classified as cannabinoids. CBD is just one of them. It is the second most abundant chemical compound in hemp, covering more than 40 percent of the plant extract in total.

However, there are a number of difficulties in extracting CBD. The main problem is that the concentration of THC in the hemp plant is higher than the concentration of CBD. For that reason, pure CBD can easily become contaminated by THC, sometimes leading to problematic side effects.

Of course there are techniques that can separate the two chemicals, but there is still a bias in the market. In addition, many people are not well informed and mistakenly buy products containing THC instead of CBD. These errors are caused by confusion about the terminology used for these products. It is therefore extremely important to increase public awareness, so that people then better understand the differences between the two substances.

For example, you don't have to worry about getting high if you smoke CBD weed with few traces of THC. In addition, CBD OIL is freely available; this is the purest form in which CBD can be consumed. In fact, this type of oil is so pure that it contains no THC at all.

In general, it is recommended to take CBD as an oil. If necessary, other extracts can then be added. The demand for CBD has increased significantly in recent times. As a result, growers and breeders have started looking for new hemp strains that naturally only produce CBD, without THC. To date, no one has succeeded. It is true that while THC has not been completely eliminated from the plant, the ratio between THC and CBD has indeed changed. There are now plants that contain a relatively high concentration of CBD, which has made the extraction process much easier.

CBD has no psychoactive effect

A crucial property that distinguishes CBD from the many other active substances in hemp is the absence of psychoactive side effects. This means that you cannot get high from cannabidiol. THC is known as a cannabinoid that can give you an incredibly intense euphoric feeling. Compared to this, the effect of CBD is more latent.

Ultimately, it comes down to not getting stoned if you use CBD. This is the most important property of CBD, both from a therapeutic and legal perspective.

Legalization of CBD worldwide

Because you cannot get high from CBD, products containing this cannabinoid are not subject to the legal restrictions of cannabis products. It is precisely because it gets you high that THC is prohibited by law. When you are medically tested, it looks for traces of THC in your body - not cannabis. Suppose you have consumed weed without THC, also known as hemp, that is not prohibited. In addition, the use of hemp products falls outside the legal framework that applies to cannabis.

The truth is, all authorities that have not legalized the medical use of marijuana have made certain provisions or provisions into the law that allow the use of CBD or low-THC products based on their health benefits and healing properties. This usually means that it is allowed to extract cannabidiol from hemp instead of cannabis flowers.

Where the medical use of cannabis is allowed, cannabidiol is available and easy to buy.

CBD from plants compared to synthetic CBD

Synthetic CBD has less healing power than CBD from plants. Research has shown that synthetic CBD has very limited efficacy. In addition, synthesizing CBD is an incredibly laborious process. However, most people who take CBD-enriched nutritional supplements benefit from the widest possible spectrum of the active ingredient.

Synthetic CBD also requires other cannabinoids and additives to ensure efficacy. These additives work with both THC and CBD to increase the healing power. While many hemp varieties have healing properties, the sum of the whole hemp plant is greater than its individual parts. In other words, CBD is not just CBD. Many other CBD crystals can be extracted from the plant. This is the purest form of over-the-counter CBD as there are no known side effects. In general, it is recommended to take CBD in oil or crystal form, as its effective effects are much stronger.

How can CBD be taken?

Since CBD has so many beneficial effects, it makes sense to include it in your daily routine. CBD can be taken in the following ways:

  • FoodAdd it to brownies, candies, chocolate and other treats. CBD fans are always looking for new ways to prepare food with CBD.
  • DrinkWhere cannabis has been legalized, you can order CBD enriched tea or espresso. There is also beer with CBD beer for sale. In addition, CBD cocktails can be ordered in more and more bars.
  • Dog biscuitsThese are of course not suitable for human consumption. At some pharmacies, you can buy CBD dog treats that will help your pet deal with stressful situations.
  • Skin productsSkin care products with CBD can help reduce itching, rashes and wrinkles. These products can also be used for their healing ability.
  • Beauty productsSoap, shampoo, shower gel, deodorant, cosmetics and other products with CBD are readily available. These products are made to help you relax.

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