How To Choose And Use Circular Connectors Correctly

Posted by sere on November 30th, 2020

How to choose and use the circular connector correctly? The circular connector is a relatively precise component, which can carry out the transmission of electric energy and signal transmission. Its reliability is directly related to the safety and reliability of the entire power system.

It is not easy to choose and use circular connectors correctly. There are many manufacturers of such products. There are certain differences in the specifications, types, performance and uses of products produced by different manufacturers. We need to have a A general understanding, but also need to be connected to the technical standards of the product, and the current quality of the product.

From the product manual provided by the manufacturer, we can understand the production standards of the selected product, as well as the product's size, weight, technical parameters, and installation methods. From this, we can analyze whether the product is reasonably designed and whether it is safe and reliable in use.

On the basis of fully grasping the circular connector information, choose the appropriate one according to the design of different manufacturers and the corresponding model and function. When selecting, choose the product with high quality, reliable structure and quality temperature. Avoid Pick out inferior products.

After choosing a suitable circular connector, you also need to master the correct use method. It requires a combination of the connector and the plug. When the two are plugged together, the current in the circuit can be connected smoothly. If it is separated, the current will be interrupted. There are many ways of connection. In-line connection, snap-in connection, threaded connection and snap-in connection are the more commonly used connection methods.

When we are using circular connectors, the pins need a certain amount of force to be able to open when they are inserted, but if you need to pull them out, it is easier. It can be seen that the force required for insertion and extraction is different. Long-term insertion and extraction can easily lead to wear of the joint. How to reduce the wear of the joint?

1. By increasing the hardness of the electroplated layer on the contact surface of the circular connector, the degree of wear can be effectively reduced.

2. The contact surface of the circular connector can be plated with nickel first and then gold plated. This treatment method produces less friction than direct copper surface gold plating. If the nickel layer is plated thicker, Month is to improve the wear resistance of the gold-plated layer.

3. Increase the smoothness of the connector surface. The worse the surface smoothness, the greater the friction and the easier it is to wear.

4. In daily life, when using the circular connector, pay attention to maintaining it, and at the same time, pay attention to avoiding the connector from being worn or damaged due to human factors.

Usually when using circular connectors, you need to pay attention to the operation must be correct, not to operate randomly to avoid accidents.

Before connecting, you should first report whether the model corresponds to that to avoid pin insertion errors. When terminating, you need to strictly follow the product manual for termination. Generally, it is required for termination. This serial number cannot be used. Mixed, the selected wire insulation thickness should match the distance between the prototype connector contacts.

When it is necessary to weld the circular connector, the welding time should be mastered, generally speaking, it should not exceed five seconds, so as not to decrease the insulation.

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