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Quite often people enjoy long and prosperous lives. Many people live well into their 70s or 80s, and some live even longer. Gradually, though, throughout the course of many years, the human body wears out, much like the tyres on an old vehicle or the batteries in your favourite gadget. When vital parts of the body — such as the heart or lungs or brain — wear out and stop functioning, the individual is most likely to die. When this occurs, we say this person died of "old age." It is always difficult to overcome the grief after the loss of beloved and dear ones. But aside from all this one has to plan a good funeral for loved ones so as to bid a farewell to him or her. It is considered that the deceased leaves peacefully after being buried properly.

Choosing a coffin is something one can hardly imagine doing even in the wildest dreams. There is a wide range of coffins available at California cemetery. It is not preferable to purchase a coffin from an undertaker since they are aware that this would be the last gift to the deceased one and that’s why they tend to charge heavily. Choosing a coffin entails making some major decisions such as what kind of look of coffin would the family opt for, what is the budget, and what material would be appropriate. The price of coffins ranges from a couple of hundred to several thousand dollars. There are coffins made of oak, willow or bamboo - the choice is entirely up to the family.

Furthermore one needs to make decisions regarding the music, what kind of flowers should be carried, prayers that will be delivered. And above all this, one should also keep in mind whether the deceased made any special request at the time of departure. The Old Mission Catholic Church in California organises various events such as St. Francis Festival & Blessing of the Animals, The Day of the dead, funeral organization etc. Funeral services include registering at the local council for death certificate. Also it’s advisable to appoint a funeral director and celebrant as they will help to lessen the responsibility.

There is no legal requirement to arrange a funeral - it’s just common practice as a way of saying goodbye, copying with grief and honouring a life. The typical ceremony tends to involve a burial ‘service’ of half an hour or so and then a gathering afterwards for an hour or two over a dinner or lunch in a local hotel, pub, the village hall, or any other interesting venue or simply at home. A funeral director can help with arrangements and often knows the local hotels that provide catering services for funerals.  A celebrant can help with the content of the funeral service.

Arranging a funeral for someone you love could be one of the most challenging experiences. The first step involves informing friends and family. People may wish to pay one last visit to the deceased one, so no one should be absent. Coping with bereavement, dealing with the legalities and myriad other issues that arise when a loved one dies are incredibly challenging. One might be in need of a helping hand to get through. Arranging a Funeral has gathered the information and contact details from experts whom you can trust, with the purpose of providing the best advice and assistance.

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