Car Dash Camera Purchase Strategy

Posted by hw on November 30th, 2020

The car dash camera can record images and sounds during driving, and can provide effective evidence for "touching porcelain" and traffic accident scenes. Choosing an best dash cam for car can escort you, so how to buy a car dash camera? Here are the pros and cons of best dash cameras and their purchasing skills.

1. Rearview mirror car dash camera

The rearview mirror driving recorder is a best dash camera that is mounted on the rearview mirror and combined with the original rearview mirror.

Advantages and disadvantages: the concealment of the rearview mirror car dash camera is better, and it is not easy to be stolen; it can also maintain the beauty of the car; it can reduce the laziness of the exterior mirror when merging; The best dash cam for car also has anti-vertigo function, not afraid of glare behind the car. However, the wide angle of the rearview mirror car dash camera is not large enough, and the shock resistance is average; it is not convenient to take the card; after replacing the original rearview mirror, the original visual effect is changed, and there will be short-term discomfort.

Purchase skills: First, check whether the car dash camera is designed for anti-glare; Second, whether it is visible when reversing, you need to retain the basic functions of the original car rearview mirror;Third, check whether the video of the car dash camera is high-definition; Fourth, choose not to miss seconds and loop storage recorder; Fifth, it is best to choose a product that is easy to install.

2. Panoramic car dash camera

The panoramic driving recorder collects the surrounding scenes of the vehicle through several ultra-wide-angle cameras on the body, and forms a 360-degree panoramic image after software processing.

Advantages and disadvantages: The panoramic car dash camera can record the video image and sound of the whole journey; the sensitivity of the impact can be set, and when the set value is exceeded, the field data will be recorded; The best front and rear dash cam can also avoid blind spots and fully grasp the surrounding road conditions. However, the panoramic car dash camera consists of many instruments, generally: host, speed sensor, infrared camera, etc.; the installation of equipment and software is complicated and the workload is heavy.

Purchase skills: Check the resolution of the camera lens of the panoramic car dash camera and whether the image quality is clear; judge whether the picture is seamlessly stitched and whether it will be severely distorted; it is best to display it on a mobile phone to view the surrounding conditions of the vehicle in real time; travel at night If the probability is high, it is best to choose a panoramic car dash camera with better night vision; novice drivers can choose a panoramic car dash camera with reversing and steering assist functions.

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