Air conditioning history and types

Posted by juliabennet on April 22nd, 2014

Airconditioning is a process of changing the condition of the air according to one’s need. To get favorable conditions does not mean only to cool the atmosphere. It might be used to humidify, de-humidify, warm, and distill the air as well. So, altering the condition of the atmosphere is air conditioning. The history of air conditioning system goes back into the ancient times of Egyptians where canes were mounted in windows and then tricking water was used to moisten those canes. When the air blew inside these windows, process of evaporation occurred resulting in lowering of temperature. Old roman era has also seen the process of air conditioning though where water was passed through pipes across the homes to make them cool in summer. Modern daikin airconditioning systems are based on these principles.

Air conditioning systems are of many types:
1. Windows AC: it is oldest system in the market of airconditioning that remained very powerful candidate among the air conditioning systems. It is normally fitted inside the wall facing the room which is to be cooled down. The exhaust is outside which blows heat outside. Fan throws the cool air inside the room. It is less expensive and becoming obsolete due to its power consumption.
2. Split systems: it is a new technology airconditioning system having two units. Exhaust is mounted outside while inside the room, there is indoor unit. It offers more features as compared to the window AC system. It is less expensive and becoming popular these days. The reason for its popularity is its less consumption of electricity. It gives a sense of economical.
3. Central Air conditioning systems: to cool a big hall or whole home, normally used air conditioning system is Central airconditioning System. It gives multi-zone heat regulator-ability with its air-louver-control chambers or boxes.
4. Evaporative coolers: evaporative or swamp cooler are used in hot and dry summer. They are very popular in lowering the temperature during intensive heat days. Actually these coolers are made of some plastic or metal, upper portion is covered with water soaked sponge. A water tub is used inside the covered sponge which keeps on circulating across the walls of the cooler. This keep the temperature of the cooler down and a fan then sucks the cool air and then blows inside the room. This lowers the temperature very quickly.
5. Portable units: portable units are the airconditioning systems provided with wheels which make them move anywhere. They can be moved within the office or home. They might be in the form of evaporator or refrigerator. They are also in the form of either hose or split. The indoor unit on the wheel is connected with an outdoor unit which is fixed.

There are number of companies across the globe developing airconditioning systems. Mitsubishi has its own name in Air Conditioner industry. It started back in 1921 with the aim to comfort the lives of human and still its journey is on the way. The air conditioning systems of Mitsubishi are highly elegant and sophisticated as well as efficient.

The airconditioning systems have evolved over the years and we now have some of the best units available to keep our environment cool in summers. The daikin airconditioning units are one of the best available nowadays.

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