Golf Techniques The Secrets To Improving Your Game

Posted by Golf Lounge on December 1st, 2020

If you watch the men on the PGA tour, you will see that there are many different golf techniques employed. Some draw the ball while others prefer a fade. Around the green, there are those who prefer the bump and run and those who would rather hit a flop shot.

On the green, there is no end to the different grips and types of putters that are used. The different techniques and styles depending on how the golfer was taught and what they have found through experience work best for them.

Body types are one big factor that will determine the techniques which work best for you. Someone who is short and stout will have to swing the club around their body to generate the most power, while someone who is tall and lean can get away with a more traditional straight back and through the approach. As a rule, you want to hit a draw instead of fade.

For a right-handed hitter, this means a ball flight that moves from right to left. A draw shot has topspin which will cause the ball to carry farther. A slice (left to right) will have backspin that will knock the ball down sooner. To hit a draw you need a strong grip with your hands tilted a little bit left of center.

There are other golf techniques that you can use to promote a draw. If you position the ball forward in your stance, close to the front foot, it is more likely to result in a right to left shot. Because the ball is up in your stance, the clubface will be closed at impact creating topspin. If you are still having trouble correcting a slice, think about purchasing a driver with a draw bias.

There are a number of drivers on the market which are designed for hitting a draw; some even have weights that you can change to help achieve the proper ball flight.

As for the proper golf techniques to use around the green, the best advice is to let the conditions decide. If you have a large area of green between your ball and the hole, a bump and run shot is best. Use a seven or eight iron and keep the chip low and let the ball roll up to the hole.

If there is little green to work with or if you have to get the ball up and over a hazard then the flop shot is a better choice. Use your pitching wedge to pop the ball high up in the air, so that it lands softly near the hole.

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