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Posted by Grace Olivia on December 1st, 2020

A dissertation is a research project completed as part of an undergraduate or postgraduate degree. A dissertation allows a student to present their findings on the topic or proposition that they have to choose themselves. The dissertation is especially used to test the independent research, cognitive, critical, and analytical skills students have acquired during their time at the university. A dissertation writing involves a lot of research work, and it must follow the university guidelines.

Structure of A Dissertation Paper: The Rules

The basic structure of a dissertation includes- the topic, dissertation proposal, introduction, literature review, and problem statement, and research methodology, analysis of data, conclusion, and work citations.

The Topic

The most important thing about a dissertation paper is the topic. The topic must be clear and accurate. It is better if the topic is not a repetitive one. The topic should have the precision that will help the examiners understand the gist of the dissertation.

Dissertation Proposal

The dissertation proposal is the basic framework of the dissertation paper. It should not be too elaborate but should contain the main points. It should determine the purpose of the research work and the main ideas that you intend to show in the dissertation paper.

Dissertation Introduction

The dissertation introduction should explain the topic of the dissertation in a brief but clear manner. The introduction should also contain the basic gist of the entire dissertation paper.

Literature Review

In this section, the students put forward a review of all those literature pieces that are available on the same topic. The dissertation paper should consist of a minimum of twenty-five literature reviews with a word limit of a maximum of a hundred words.

Problem Statement

The part with the problem statement contains the basic argument of the chosen topic. The problem statement should be clearly and appropriately written.

Research Methodology

This section should explain the way and the procedure of the research conducted. The methodology should be written honestly and accurately.

Analysis of Data

It should explain whether the materials and the information gathered were primary or secondary. It can also be an amalgamation of both.


This is the last part of the dissertation paper. The conclusion must include all the points explained throughout the dissertation. The conclusion must be based on the analysis. It should not include any new points.

Work Citations

It is one of the most important parts of a dissertation paper. The author must mention the sources he has taken help from and acknowledge them. All the resources must be duly cited.

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