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Posted by Hero Media on December 1st, 2020

In this article, you will learn that website design in Brampton depends on different aspects. New Year 2021 is coming soon, new website design trends are also changed a lot. The Internet has changed a lot, and as such, design trends for websites are constantly changing as well. Below are some trends to keep in mind going forward when designing websites?

Website design depends on different aspects which are as follows:

  1. Typography: One of the most important parts of a website design is typography. For typography, website designers need to understand the business model of the clients as well as their target audience.

For example - For home care websites, the website designer should use bigger fonts and bolder text, so that senior citizens can read it more easily. 

Typography is subdivided into different aspects such as:

  • Font - Use general font styles for a website design Brampton because different plugins do not support certain fonts. The font should try to reflect your business. 

For example -  A graffiti business will feature graffiti style fonts; whereas, a website for a lawyer will employ more professional fonts.

  • Size - The size makes a big difference. It helps in improving readability for users. The average font size for the heading is 24 to 26.

The average font size for the body part is 12-14.

  • Weight - This is also an important feature in typography. A website designer can apply weight to the text so that the text looks thicker or thinner.  Weight is used in headers to distinguish them from other text on the page so that, users will focus on the heading of a certain product or service.

  • Line spacing or letter spacing - While not much attention is often paid to line spacing and letter spacing, we should always keep in mind that letters should not overlap each other or other lines when building a website. 


This is especially important when designing websites for mobile. Be aware of the line and letter spacing used in both desktop and mobile sites, and ensure the text is being displayed correctly without any overlap. For readability purposes, the ideal line spacing is 130% to 150%. 140% is perfect. Keep in mind that small fonts need more space compared to a large font. This is because smaller fonts are harder to read, and so the extra space around them makes it easier on the eyes.


  1. Color scheme - Color depends on a few factors.

  • Brand color: - Websites should use the colors of the brand so that, when people see the colors, the brand image will come to their mind. 

  • Logo color:  - Logo colors play a big role in website design. The primary color in the logo should be the featured color on the website and used in the call-to-action tons. Choose one to two complementary colors for the color schema of the website.


On these websites, a website designer can choose Analogous, Monochromatic, Triad, Complementary, Compound, Shades, Custom, etc. Choose the background color of your website wisely as it affects how your products and services look to potential customers. The right color can make your website look sharper.

  1. Responsive Website: - In today’s era, your website should be responsive on all platforms. Inspect form width on mobile and design your website according to the size of the screen.

  1. Page Load Speed: - In the world of digital marketing, the website landing page should load as fast as possible. There is so much competition in the market that within second’s customers can go to different websites if the landing page is slow to load. The ideal page should be around 4MB in size, which includes images, text, entry forms, maps, etc. Before uploading an image, scale, compress, and crop it to decrease the size of the image. That way, it takes up less space and loads quicker. 

  1. Images:  - Images are useful to provide visitors with a visual representation of your products and services. Website designers can also add animation effects with images to draw more attention to them.

Ensure that images are aligned with the text and other elements on the page. It is a good idea to use images that evoke emotions, as humans tend to make decisions based on their feelings.  Try to avoid using stock photos too much and instead add original images related to your business. This will increase SEO (search engine optimization) for your company.


Use clear, high-quality images.

Image size for desktop: 1208×500

Image size for mobile: 500×450

I am Steve, the author of this article. I have written this article to tell you that website design  in Brampton depends on different aspects.




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