Keeping Your Air Conditioners Well Maintained

Posted by juliabennet on April 23rd, 2014

If the air conditioners are not maintained on a regular basis then it can not only affect the performance of your air conditioning unit but will also cost you extra amounts in terms of your energy bills as well. There are a large number of airconditioning service providers around nowadays who know what it takes to keep your unit working properly and avoid it from malfunctioning. Here are some things that need proper maintenance and need to be checked regularly for keeping your system up and running.

Aluminum fins that are present on condenser coils and evaporator are bent easily and can also block the flow of air through coil. A tool is sold by the airconditioning wholesalers which is known as ‘fin comb’ and is used for combing the fins back to almost their original condition. Furthermore, quite often than not you need to pass some stiff wire throughout the drain channels of your unit. If the drain channels are clogged then they tend to prevent the unit from decreasing humidity level which results in excess moisture that can discolor your carpet or walls.

When the cooling season starts, you should inspect seal that is present between window from and air conditioners for ensuring that it’s in contact with metal case of the unit. This seal often gets damaged due to the moisture and lets the cool air escape from the house. As soon as the winter sets in, you need to remove the unit and then store it at some safe place or if you don’t want to bear all the hassle then you should cover it completely. When it comes to a central AC then covering its outdoor unit will give protection from any debris as well as the effects of winter weather.

When the air conditioners require something beyond the regular maintenance, it’s time for you to hire some professional service provider or a technician. Opting for some well-trained and skilled technician will allow you to find the problems and fix them in time before they cause any sever damage to your system in the end. A skilled technician must check for the appropriate amount of the refrigerant. The service provider should also use some leak detector for checking any kind of refrigerant leaks and capture the refrigerant, if any, that should be evacuated out of the system, rather than releasing it illegally into the atmosphere. They should also check and seal the duct leakage when it comes to the central systems. Airflow through evaporator coil should also be measured. The verification of appropriate sequence of electric control is also necessary and it should be ensured as well that your heating as well as the cooling system can’t operate simultaneously. It is also necessary that you inspect the electric terminals, tighten and clean the connections, and make sure to apply non-conductive coating when necessary. The belts and the oil motors should also be checked for their tightness as well as wearing out. More importantly, the thermostat’s accuracy should be checked for.

Hiring a professional airconditioning technician will allow you to keep your air conditioners working properly. This will certainly prevent you from any kind of extra costs on repair and your energy bills.

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