Enjoy Train Rides with Split Train Tickets

Posted by Livya jen on December 1st, 2020

It's traveling time again. You finally have saved enough to have a leisurely break in the UK. But, wait. Have you saved enough for the unexpected expenses? What about the tickets? Have you thought about traveling expenses that you will have to pay if you roam around cities in the UK? Traveling to the areas of the UK is not fun when you travel by cab or a private vehicle. Moreover, they are expensive. To enjoy the country and its lustful environment, trains are the best. They are cheap and let you see the mesmerizing view along the way. But, even if you travel by train, traveling to every part does cost a hefty amount of money. That is where Split Ticketscome into the picture.

Why should I Split my tickets?

If you are traveling by trains in the UK, splitting your tickets is the best alternative to saving big on your train ticket prices. Split Train Tickets are nothing but the breakdown of your single tickets into multiple parts. The parts resemble the stops that the train is passing through. This way, you spend lesser than you usually do and travel the same way. This method is famous among the people of the UK. As most people in the country travel for work by trains every day, they constantly use this method to get over the burden of train ticket prices.

Split Tickets are your friend in need

Split Ticketing works on a simple rule- the shorter the route, the cheaper the ticket. That is why when you Split your tickets, you, in a way, travel through shorter routes and thus save more. This is a reliable method for when you want to have some extra cash to spend on something else. Whether you are traveling to the country or taking a daily trip, this method can come in handy. Just make sure that the train you buy tickets for, should pass all the stations mentioned on your tickets. This prevents you from switching trains in the middle of the journey.

Where do I buy the tickets?

Split Train Tickets are available at every station counter. You can get them where you get your general ticket. You can also book them through a government authorized travel agent or online. No extra hassle, just savings. The best thing is that they are legal. So, you don’t have to go hiding every time you buy them. You can use them anytime you want without any worries. 

Make your savings bigger

Although Split Tickets UKis a great source to save money, there are other methods that you can use to have some extra savings. Some of them are:

  • Railcards or 16-17 saver: If you are a daily train traveler, you must have heard of Railcards. A Railcard is a pass to cheap travel giving up to one-third savings. You can also use a 16-17 saver if you are a teen.
  • Research and go: It is better to do some research if you are booking your ticket online. Exploring a bit will help in avoiding extra costs and find the cheapest train tickets.
  • Beware of booking charges: If you do not do proper research, you may have to pay extra booking charges. Try finding an agent who doesn’t charge extra for booking.
  • Peak hours booking? NO! To make the most of your travel, try to book the tickets in advance. Don’t book in rush hours, holiday times, or during any festivals if you don't want extra expenses.
  • Fare finders: Use a reliable fare finder. It will help you get your train tickets cheaper.
  • Passes for regular travel: If you travel regularly, a weekly or monthly pass is another alternative to save on your ticket prices. They save both time and money.

Along with the methods, there are several other methods you can use while traveling by trains. You can use them together or on their own. These methods along with Split Train Tickets are enough to save you big time on your train tickets.

Way to a Better Journey

Train travel UK is the most fascinating way to travel throughout the country. It gives a whole different picture of the country with beauty in and out. If you are planning or have already planned to have a UK getaway, give Split Ticketing a try and you can enjoy other things with the savings.


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