3 Employment Law Tips That Will Save Your Startup from Troubles

Posted by Lakes, Whyte LLP on December 1st, 2020

The early days of your business are the best times to iron out legal issues to make it lawsuit-proof in the future. This is true especially when it comes to employment law. Many of the lawsuits that companies face involve disputes with their employees.

Here are the things that you can do to prevent employment problems in your business:

  1. Know how to classify your employees properly

There are different classifications for employees. There are regular employees and independent contractors. Many startups prefer hiring independent contractors because it is less costly compared to retaining a full-time employee. There are also no stiff laws when it comes to how much compensation and bonuses to give.

However, if you misclassify your employees, you could be subjected to employment law disputes in the person. So, make sure you learn the difference between a regular employee and an independent contractor.

Independent contractors are those that provide temporary services to your company such as when you need speakers or trainers, those who provide services using their own equipment, and those who work under flexible conditions.

Regular employees are under the company’s regulations such as the hourly work that needs to be rendered, those that make use of company resources, and those that are working within the business area.

  1. Protect trade secrets

This can be anything including recipes, crucial information, programs, formulas that you have come up with and that you use in your business. This is your intellectual property and you have a right to have it. However, if it gets stolen without acquiring some sort of rights to it, it can become fair game and you might not have a say as to who owns it anymore in the future.

Aside from getting a trademark on these things, you can also hire an employment lawyer in Vancouver to include clauses that will prevent employees from leaking crucial information. These clauses can be included in the employment contract.

  1. Make sure your workplace policies and employment contract are well-written

You can hire a Vancouver employment lawyer from Lakes, Whyte LLP to understand what you should and should not include in your workplace policies and employment contract. Too often, startups don’t have the legal knowledge when it comes to employment law and this can cause them to violate some rules when it comes to employment and compensating their employees. This is why it’s better to hire an employment lawyer in Vancouver who will help you understand what should be included in your contracts before using them.

These are the things that you need to do if you want to avoid potential lawsuits. It’s better to deal with these early in the business rather than have a more pressing legal issue later.

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