Cut Down Cost Of Jewelry Making With These Types Of Wholesale Pendants

Posted by adortalukdar on April 23rd, 2014

Pendants have been a part of jewelry for over 1000 years now. Nice statement pieces can describe a person's religion, nationality, ethnicity, or even a personality in the past. They have even been used to show a person's social status. For instance, aristocrats used to wear beautiful pendant necklaces or bracelets to show their order of status. These days beautiful pendants are available in wholesale, which could be worn to show a person's individual style. Wholesale pendants can be bought in every material right from precious stones, precious metals to those that are made of acrylic materials.

The wholesale jewelry materials can be bought based on the needs of the retail shops, home businesses, crafts etc. This could also be purchased to gift during festivals and holidays. It is important to understand about the material, approximate price and so on before buying. Below are some pointers to help you cut down costs of jewelry making by buying them in wholesale. These types of wholesale pendants are cheap and are widely available.

Novelty pendants/plastic or acrylic pendants: These pendants follow under the cheap category as they are man-made. They are available in different shapes and sizes, and they can be worn by people of all age groups.

Found charms: Beautiful seeds, shells or stones that have been polished by nature fall under this category. They can be used as pendants after processing them. If you're interested in natural wares, this is the best option as they are not very expensive as precious gems. If you're looking to make a dramatic statement, you should choose these found objects.

Platings: Plating non-precious metals using precious metals like silver or gold or platinum to give it a beautiful look has been in trend for over 2 decades now. Using the process of electrolysis it is coated and as the major part of it is affordable material, the overall cost of these pendants is also economical.

Non precious metals: Metals like titanium; bronze, aluminium and copper are used in jewelry making. Most of the jewelry that is mentioned as gold or silver but do not have the purity mentioned is usually made of these precious metal look-alikes. So, it is always better to check for the material/ purity when buying wholesale pendants.

Lamp work: Lamp work pendants will work out cheap if bought in wholesale which are otherwise expensive for its workmanship. These are made out of glass that is decorated by hand placing it over a lamp.

Faceted Crystals: Faceted crystals are the most favourite among the artisans in creating statement pieces. These rhinestones are cut and polished exactly like a precious gem and work out cheap when bought from wholesale pendant dealers.

Beautiful lots of wholesale pendants can be purchased from reputable online retailers such as Pandahall. You can browse by category and get the best deal on wholesale lots of pendants.

Aside from pendants, Pandahall also specialise in all types of jewelry findings and jewelry making supplies. This means, you meet all your jewelry making needs under one roof.

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