Earring Settings For Your Diamond Studs

Posted by adortalukdar on April 23rd, 2014

They say, ‘diamond is a girl’s best friend’ and definitely it is not an exaggeration. Women love to own a diamond ring or a pair of earrings making it the most sought after gem stone and also the most expensive one. All those who buy diamond earrings only concentrate on the size of the stone, cut, carat and also the design.

Little or no attention is given to the earring settings which is also very important. The look of the design to a great extent depends on the setting as much as the other factors as safety of the stone depend on it. Further, they also have an influence on the resale value and the cost of the jewel piece. A diamond stud can be set in various ways in an earring. Of course, the type of the earring setting should depend on the design of the earring.

Designs complicate and complement the setting. Let us discuss the common settings used.

Pave settings: When small same sized diamonds needs to be arranged in a flat surface, pave settings is used. All stones are set next to each other covering the complete surface without any gap. It provides brilliance as it creates an illusion of a big stone rather than a group of small stone.

Prong Settings: Being a common setting type, it is preferred by most of the artisans. However there can be variations. The number of prongs also varies between 4 and 6 based on the size of the stone and design. It has an open ended setting which means, it can reflect light from all sides so that it looks brilliant.

Martini Style Settings: Popularly used in antique jewelry, this earring setting also has prongs in which there are 3 prongs which hold the stone. The brilliance of the stone is vividly expressed in this setting as the number of prongs is less. As it looks like a martini glass it was named martini style setting.

Frustum Settings: Solitaire diamond earrings are set using the frustum settings in which the diamond rests on the conical setting safely.

Bezel Settings: Diamond is set inside instead of being mounted and this is one of the oldest styles of earring setting.

Apart from these common types of earring settings, tension setting, invisible setting and channel setting are the other 3 settings used by artisans based on the metal used for mounting the diamonds. In terms of price martini style is expensive of all.

When buying earring settings or any other jewelry supplies for your diamond studs, it is essential to pay extra attention to the quality of the supplies. Since diamond is an expensive stone, you don’t want to fit it in a setting that is low quality.

Moreover, choosing low quality jewelry supplies will not add to the look and appeal of the stone, but take away from it. There is also chance of losing your precious stone with poor quality settings and jewelry supplies. When buying, consider visiting your local jewelry store as well as browse online stores. This will help you get the best deal on your earring settings.


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