RuneScape Classic for temporarily re-opened

Posted by anselmpink on April 24th, 2014

New players will start the appropriate skills in other areas of lower skill level compensation at a higher level in accordance with Runescape 2007 Gold. November 11, 2009, RuneScape Classic for temporarily re-opened within two weeks subscribed Runescape members. If the player the classic within two weeks (provide your own user name and password) to access the classical enabled, which means they will have to continue playing privileges after the end of the classical period. Even if the player's membership lapsed, they will be permanently "classic enabled, and can access it in their membership. This also occurs in the June 1, 2010.

November 25, 2009, no new players are not logged two weeks ago was accepted and registered players of the game from 9 server and a veteran server, a server and a server, a total of 2 server. Jagex also announced the opening of these two weeks, every six months. Server again recently opened to the public 2010 and 2010, June 15, 2011, to return to its original state. Classic server is due to open its doors in January 2011, but did not. Classic re-open again on September 14, 2011. According to reports, a few weeks ago, this will be the last opportunity to visit the classic game. This makes it the last chance ever to get the classic cape and classic cover.

Mod MMG said, all players enjoy the new server RSC. The new server will be normal RSC is basically the same, only the players can set their level, spawning project, and added to the game cheating. This is done to make the robot and gold sales unnecessary, but also to allow players to be able to get the items they can not get regular RuneScape game. It would be completely independent of this RSC Games normal the RSC world will not be affected. However, in November 25, it has been mentioned that the players a server owned by the idea, "We have decided not to continue at this point, in the classic game is working fine, because it is a new hit, and there is no reason to continue this project in the classic and the number of players, because they RuneScape Classic and eventually re-open a new server idea is likely to be scrapped.

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