3 Drills That Improve Your Kickboxing Skills

Posted by Bethesda Boxing on December 2nd, 2020

People opt for sports and martial arts as a mantra to fulfill their goals. Some consider karate as a means of staying healthy while others choose boxing as a professional career. Either way both involve physical activities to display, attack, or defend oneself while facing an opponent. If you have the resolution to improve your skills in defense or footwork in boxing, get the best boxing equipment and training accessories from a dealer of gym supplies. Using these tools, you can start the following three types of drills and improve your skills. You Can also join the best Kickboxing gym in Washington DC to learn more.


This is the simplest form of exercise any beginner or professional fighter can perform on a daily basis. Squats offer many benefits, including enhancement of defense skills, strengthening the lower body, toning the core muscles, and toughening your thigh parts such as quadriceps and calves. This exercise also tightens the sagging lower abdominal muscles and keeps your body in shape. When your muscles become stronger and firmer, you can maintain a better movement while extending the stretch level of your limbs. This means you can dance and duck around with momentum while facing an opponent.

Jump rope

Like most people, you grow up doing jump rope as a fun activity as a kid. This activity is not only the pleasure but also an essential drill for professional boxers. You don’t have to invest in heavy machines to perform a jump rope session. All you need is a skipping rope, hurl forward you, and jump over it. Rope jumping can improve your cardiovascular strength. It also helps develop strong legs to support your body weight. When you speed up the jumping, the process can help you synchronize your mind with the movement of the body. If you want to start routine exercise, jump rope is the first thing you should consider before looking for other equipment.

Rope slip

The rope slip drill is the oldest practice for improving agility in the boxing community. It requires a rope attached to two poles and you perform the slip in and out of the rope line. This drill improves the quick movement of your head, which is an essential move during the bout. When your opponent tries to reach his fist on your face, you need to duck your head and avoid the punch. You can set up this rope anywhere in your training room.

To reach your dream goal in boxing, invest in gym accessories and boxing equipment for routine exercise. Visit the best full body workout in Bethesda, so you can drastically improve your skills.

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