Something worth mentioning is that Trials don?t have a lockout

Posted by 4esogold on April 24th, 2014

12-player Trials are coming with Craglorn. Find out what your group will face and learn how we created a new kind of adventure for ESO.

The gates of Hel Ra Citadel loom ahead of your band of 12 battle-hardened allies. Ancient Yokudan warriors, air atronachs, and even deadlier foes are prepared to repel your assault. All your careful planning, strategizing, and mastery of combat skills will be put to the test, and once the attack starts, you’ll have limited resurrections to use in an attempt to reach and defeat the Warrior. How will your group measure up in Trials?

One of the first things you’ll notice about Trials is that they bring a new experience to ESO designed to test even the toughest veterans. You’ll need a group of 12 to take them on, but they’re not just dungeons that require a large group—we’re applying additional pressure. Your team will only have a limited number of resurrections available, and additional rewards will be granted to those who defeat the weekly challenge with one of the top times across the megaserver.

OK, so Trials are tough. Really tough. But what do you get for putting in all the effort to overcome them? First off, we put a great deal of work into making Trials visually spectacular. You’ll visit some of the most stunning places in (and outside of) Tamriel through them, and the boss encounters are the most intense spectacles you’ll see in the game. You’ll see the culmination of Craglorn’s story as you face the Celestial Mage and Warrior. And, of course, there’s plenty of remarkable loot to be had.

Something worth mentioning is that Trials don’t have a lockout. Your group can go in and take on Trials as often as you’d like, and you’ll still receive items throughout, even if you don’t defeat all four bosses. You can earn the very best loot—special set pieces that only drop from the final bosses—once a week, and those with the top 100 completion times during the week can earn another piece of loot from the weekly Trial (selected at random from available Trials). It’s important to note that you won’t be required to finish the Trial within a time limit; you may run out of resurrections and have to start over, but your completion time only matters with regards to the leaderboard and bonus loot (the same kinds of loot you can receive once weekly for defeating the whole Trial).

Trials aren’t meant to be 8-hour crawls. While the entire Adventure Zone will bring many hours of exploration, quests, and dungeon-delving, you’ll eventually be able to complete a single Trial in about an hour to an hour-and-a-half with an experienced group. You’ll always be striving for faster completions to earn more loot, too. We want every attempt to be intense and (hopefully) exciting even as your group improves and masters the challenges.READ MORE: Eso Gold

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