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Posted by Rocdog on December 2nd, 2020

Shoveling snow is one of the most annoying chores that you need to carry out during the winter. You truly wish if you could simply leave it until spring to let it all melt away. However, things are not as so simple because all that piled up snow and slush can lead to serious accidents. Thus, snow removal in Grande Prairie is of the most crucial things to look into on time. It is true that you will have to take the help of professionals when the snowfall is too high for you to handle. However, a bit of initial snow removal can be done by you at ease. So, follow the tips for effective snow removal at your place.

Large stakes around walkways and driveways

You should put large stakes around walkways and driveways as one of the first things you will do. You can choose to hire a competent snowplow company, use your snow blower, or shovel yourself. While you might think that it will not be hard to locate your driveway, it becomes almost impossible to locate walkways and driveways in a few feet of snow.

Use the best shovel you can find at hand

Shoveling snow in winters feels truly annoying. If you are not using a good shovel for the work, the job will get delayed for no reason and your back will have to bear the pain of working for long hours. So, avoid the temptation to buy a cheap shovel thinking that just about any shovel will get the job done. Get an aluminum blade or heavy plastic blade shovel that gets the snow remove easily. Moreover, buy an s-blade shovel, instead of the large ones, for those periods of high snowfall. The large shovels would be too hard on your back during heavy snowfall.

Place the snow at the right place

It is not just about removing the snow. You also need to know where to place it after you are done removing it. You can be removing all the snow from the driveway, from a deck, or from the roof, and end up dumping it on one side of the house. This would create issues like frozen pipes, and eventually lead to cracks in the foundation of your home. One of the reasons why people hire professional help is because it helps them do away with the worries of getting rid of the snow after it has been removed.

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