How to Reduce Anxiety in Older Dogs

Posted by PremiumCare on December 2nd, 2020

Just like people, dogs’ core behaviors and personality traits stay pretty much the same for most of their lives. Common exceptions to those behaviors and personalities tend to manifest at two stages during their lives: When a pup is young and when a pup is getting old. Both when they are puppies and when they are elderly, dogs can develop anxieties that may not be present later and may not have been present before. The difference is, for puppies, that is a stage that is often grown out of, while for elderly dogs, it is one that is being grown into. Treating anxiety in older dogs doesn’t necessarily require anxiety medication for dogs. There are several natural treatments that can prove quite effective.

Signs of Anxiety in Older Dogs

Of course, before anxiety can be addressed in your aging best friend, it’s necessary to recognize the anxiety that is present. Anxiety in older dogs manifests similarly to anxiety in dogs of any age:

• Trembling or shaking

• Excessive barking or howling

• Excessive panting, yawning, or drooling

• Restlessness, clinginess, or marked personality changes

• Depression, loss of appetite, disinterest, and sleeping disorders

• Accidents in the house

You know your dog better than anyone. Chances are that you can tell whether or not your canine companion is acting “off” in some way that suggests anxiety.

Check For Causes of Anxiety in Older Dogs

While growing older itself can sometimes account for anxiety in an aging dog, that anxiety can also be the result of physical changes related to getting older. For example, your pooch experiencing pain or discomfort from an illness or condition can cause anxiety. While loss of bladder or bowel control can be a symptom of anxiety, it can also be a cause. If your pup has always been well house-trained and is suddenly going in the house, that is worth checking in with the vet for and can certainly be the cause of anxiety.

Consider Safe, Natural, Anxiety-Reducing Treats

Whether the cause of your older dog’s anxiety is the product of advanced age itself or an ailment related to aging, canine anxiety medication is not necessarily called for. Sometimes something like a hemp-infused calm treats for dogs can work wonders. They are a more natural method certainly worth giving a try.

Be Patient and Understanding with Your Older Dog

One way in which you can and should help your older best friend deal with their anxiety is by being as patient and understanding as you can be with them. For instance, if your pooch has begun having accidents indoors after having not done so since it was a puppy, no one is more anxious or upset by that than your dog. Whether it’s the product of the anxiety alone or an age-related malady, an elderly dog that suddenly begins to lose bowel or bladder control indoors or suffer from anxiety is doing so for a reason that they can’t help. Show your old friend all of the love, affection, attention, and reassurance that they have shown you over the years, and there’s no doubt that the two of you can get through it together.

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