How to Address Your Dog’s Anxiety Naturally

Posted by PremiumCare on December 2nd, 2020

Your dog is an important member of your family, and just like any other parent, sibling, or child, your dog is susceptible to stress and anxiety. If your beloved pet is exhibiting signs of distress such as destroying furniture, unusual accidents around the house, excessive panting, or obsessive behaviors, they may be experiencing anxiety.

Regardless of the cause of your dog’s anxiety, you can still help them when they feel anxious by using simple and effective techniques. In doing so, you may be able to create a calmer environment and save them from their anxious behavior.

Keep Them Close

Allow your anxious dog to stay close to you. If it’s possible, offer your pup some soothing pets to let them know you’re there to help. If you notice early signs of anxiety, you can pick them up or hold them close to help prevent anxious feelings from taking hold.

Alternatively, you could be transitioning a shelter dog into the home, and they may not want physical contact. You can still stay close to the newest member of your family and help get them used to your presence so they know you can be trusted.

Give Them a Treat

If your dog is exhibiting signs of anxiety, there is something to be said for the soothing effects of calming treats for dogs. Calming treats are a way to help your dog find relief from anxious feelings. Some of the best high-quality dog treats contain beneficial natural ingredients such as organic hemp seed oil, organic hemp protein powder, organic chamomile powder, and valerian root. These ingredients are similar to those you’d find in wellness teas for humans. Calming treats can be a safe and tasty way to help your dog overcome a stressful situation—they may even be the long-term solution you’re looking for.

Talk It Out

The best personalized dog anxiety medication can simply be the sound of your own voice. Dogs often look to their owners to get clues about how they should interact with or react to a situation. If they catch on to your own stress, it could create a cycle—anxious dog, stressed human, more anxious dog—even if you’re reacting to their anxious behavior. Instead of feeding their anxiety with your own, take a deep breath and use a soothing voice to let your dog know it’s going to be okay.

If your anxious dog damaged your home, the last thing on your mind may be offering them soothing affirmations. A stern, yet calm, reprimand may get the message across without heightening their anxiety.

Using these approaches to address your dog’s anxiety can help them overcome it, especially if they were stressed by a new living situation or any other temporary period of adjustment. With calming techniques and the addition of natural supplements like calming treats, you can help your dog feel safe so that they can simply start enjoying life again.

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