Simple Tips to Bring About a Positive Change in Life

Posted by Tanya Sharma on December 2nd, 2020

We like to think that we are all open to making changes in our lives that can make us more satisfied and happier. But, in reality, the fact remains that we find comfort in familiarity, and change isn’t always the easiest thing to accept. However, sometimes a few changes are exactly what we need in life in order to become more welcoming to people, receptive to new and better experiences, and open up the doors to more opportunities and happiness.

At Yuvashakti Model School, one among the Top 5 Schools in Rohini, we firmly believe that bringing a positive change in life need not be always about taking drastic steps and radical measures. In fact, even the simplest undertakings can go a long way in making you live a more fulfilling life. So, on that note, we, at Yuvashakti Model School, have decided today to share with you a couple of simple tips that you can adopt to bring about some much-needed changes in your life.

Identify the things that you need to change

The first step towards making effective progress is identifying the things that you want to change. Is it your time management skills? Is it the way you work? Do you want to start eating healthier?

The ability to identify your goals will already make you feel better because it gives you something to aspire to. Aligning the goal with your core value system is sure to trigger a positive feeling that makes it easier to reach the goal.

Reprogramming the mind to remain positive

Try to have a gratitude journal, where you can write down at least three things every day that you’re grateful for. This feeling of gratitude will make you feel happy, increase your productivity, and even get you a good night’s sleep.

Also, an important part of staying positive is to surround yourself with people who uplift your spirits. After all, emotions are contagious, too.

Talk to your negative thoughts to banish them

So, what do you do when a friend tells you that she isn’t feeling too good about herself today? You try to make her see the good side and uplift her spirits, right? And, yet, you’re way too harsh on yourself even in case of the slightest slip-ups.

The key to happiness lies in being kind to yourself and motivating yourself to be better and more positive every day.

Get enough sleep and go for daily exercise

The smart gadgets have turned out to be a boon and bane in equal measures in modern lives. You keep on planning to sleep on time, and then the thought of watching just “one more episode on Netflix” or a bit of scrolling through social media keeps you distracted.

Pledge to yourself that you are going to get at least eight hours of sleep every day, and no matter what, you will at least go for thirty to forty minutes of exercise daily.

Take baby steps to reach your aims

The important thing to remember is that positive changes are not something that occur in a day. You can’t just decide to change your long-term patterns that easily or quickly. So, the key to success lies in making conscious efforts in that direction, and not giving up along the way.

We can assure you that these positive modifications will make your life better in more ways than one. Therefore, we, at Yuvashakti Model School, a renowned CBSE school in Rohini, Delhi, would like to advise you to start picking any one change you want to make and keep working towards it till you reach your aim. Once you have succeeded in making it a habit, introduce another such change in your life. And, in this manner, you will gradually see how your life gets filled with lots and lots of positivity over time.

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