Mobile Locksmith Phoenix: How to open a locked car door?

Posted by LouisWillis on December 2nd, 2020

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The thing that can easily meet you, the key stuck in the car. How can this happen? And then how to solve it? Both are easy. You may be thinking that in the age of modern cars with central locking and remote control, or even keyless access, it is impossible to slam the key in the car. I know from personal experience that this is entirely possible. For example, if you only open the luggage compartment, you store things in it and go for another load. So close it again and the car will lock. And if there are keys in the things you just put in the trunk, then there is an unpleasant situation in the world.

There are several solutions, the simplest is logically the second key. So if such a situation happens to your house, it is actually not a bigger problem.

Call a Mobile Locksmith Phoenix

The slower option is the non-violent one. So call the helpline, where they will help you find a mobile locksmith Phoenix who is available nearby. He can unlock the car through the lock in a few minutes without any damage. Some cars do not have visible locks, but they are still on the car, just hidden under the covers. Which the locksmith knows, so he'll go for sure. Such a possibility lasts the longest (the procedure itself is fast, but waiting for a locksmith is sometimes longer), it will cost you about three thousand, if you choose the variant without damaging the lock, but you can then pick up the keys in the car and move on. Which, for example, doesn't work with a broken window. So this is always the last resort.

There are other ways to unlock the car without keys, the locksmith always decides for the optimal solution. But you better not try anything like that, it's easy to do even more damage than you save for an expert.

Car unlock application

However, if you are on holiday or on a trip hundreds of kilometers from home and therefore the second key, the situation is more complicated. However, the technology is moving forward, so with modern cars and non-premium brands, you can access the car to unlock it using the application on your phone. This is exactly the case. Some carmakers have this system solved in that they just need to call the infoline, identify themselves and the operator can unlock the car remotely.

Break car windows

However, only a small percentage of cars still have such a possibility. And if you don't have one, you have to switch to other ways. These differ depending on whether there is a child in the car, for example, who cannot stay locked there for a long time. In that case, it is time for violent entry, which you can entrust to either the police, fire brigade, or take it yourself. It is always necessary to break the furthest window from a child. And beware, small triangular windows that cannot be downloaded are paradoxically the most expensive. It is therefore necessary to break some of the downloadable windows. This creates the largest hole and the least damage.

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