Five Must Use Software for Manufacturers to Boost Business

Posted by David Marton on December 2nd, 2020

 Automated systems for business have seen an increased demand in recent years. People are now relying on automated management software more than manual set-ups.

Why is that so?

 Well, it is because business software manages the overall process and reduces the daily work burden. Moreover, business software is considered a growth factor and sale booster for organizations.

Manufacturing in the US

The manufacturing industry in the US is rapidly changing. Now manufacturers are following the latest trends instead of sticking to the old ones. Business owners and producers are learning new technologies to work more efficiently. That is why many manufacturers are relying on business software to understand and better serve their customers.

Why is Software Essential for Business Growth?

Let's see an example to understand the importance of business software.

What do you think will be a more efficient and practical system in a classroom? Using a paper and a pen to write each student's data or entering each student's data in a spreadsheet?

Well, of course, the automated system will be much more reliable as compared to plain old documentation. That is precisely how these systems and software help your business.

Top Five Business Software for Manufacturers

Let's have a look at the best software for manufacturers  to help boost business:

  1. SeeBiz Inventory

SeeBiz Inventory is a business tool that helps manufacturers with inventory management. With this business software,  manufacturers can track their products and sales more efficiently.  Some of the best features of SeeBiz Inventory include:

  • Being equally beneficial for small, medium, and extensive business scales. 
  • Sales and invoice flow.  This can help you get a thorough report of your products with profit details.
  •  Giving an option to add taxes to their software with the help of a tax bracket. It offers you an advanced feature of adding your preference contacts according to your business needs.
  •  Allowing the users to know purchase order and bill flow. These features may enable a business to manage up to 200 accounts. 
  •  Managing your return orders and put them back to inventory. Besides, you can also manage your offline and online orders and drop-shipments.

Alongside these advanced features in SeeBiz Inventory, its price is much more affordable when compared to the market. You have the best chance to get all the inventory management essentials in this software.

Plus,  you can access all of its premium features for free until the trial period of three months.

  1. Prodsmart

For the manufacturing execution system  (MES), Prodsmart is a top choice. It can help you shift to digital shop floor control with ease. 

  • The software is flexible and can adjust to your activities. In reality, it manages real-time details so that you get an overview right into your dashboard.
  •  It offers planning and manufacturing resource planning (MRP) tools. These tools are focused on reliable data collection, making it safer and more reliable to handle inventory. 
  • For a more precise overview, Prodsmart also analyses workflows and allows smooth flow and monitoring of staff. 
  • From inside the tool, you can also perform quality management.
  1. Fishbowl Manufacturing

Fishbowl Manufacturing is an ERP approach that serves small to medium-sized companies. The software includes work and production orders and advanced bill management

  • Manufacturers can monitor their inventory through several locations with Fishbowl. 
  • Handles inventory control through helpful functionalities like observation and reorder points.
  • The platform enables you to build multi-level task orders. This means you get access around the board on production stages. 
  • Fishbowl also provides parts monitoring, distribution, and sales and buying functions.
  1. UniPoint

UniPoint is a favorite for manufacturing companies in the area of quality management software (QMS). It provides ERP-integrated QMS that is perfect for various sectors, including the medical, food, and automobile industries. 

  • The many tools of UniPoint are classified into three modules: primary, add-on, and web. Both of which help businesses simplify their quality management.
  • You will enjoy functionality like defects finding, corrective, and preventive actions. 
  •  You can record management within the core modules. 
  • Inspection, auditing, health and safety, and validation can also be given to you by the add-on modules, among others. 
  • With the web modules,  mobile checking, and web queries you can switch to mobile QMS.
  1. NetSuite Manufacturing

The NetSuite platform from Oracle has a development solution, and it is one of the best ERP tech choices on the market for manufacturing. 

  • It is cloud-based and offers software to manage all production processes. 
  • Customer relationship management (CRM), product details, and order handling are the most significant demands.
  • NetSuite also empowers improved production management focused on supply and demand. 
  • From consumer products to devices, NetSuite serves a wide range of manufacturing industries.


Remember to adopt a correct and suitable strategy for your business. Choosing authentic and appropriate software might help you more in boosting business. Business consistency and reliability depends on management and service processes. The more you can guarantee a stable order process for your client, the more they will gain your trust. 

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