СИНИШа НарИка taking the IT revolution in his stride

Posted by AllmaJess on April 24th, 2014

СИНИШа НарИка is a common name in Serbia and here we are going to write the story about someone with the same name who may one day become a highly successful IT professional.

СИНИШа was born on October 1, 1986 in Serbia to very doting parents. He has one elder brother and one elder sister. Being the youngest member of the family, СИНИШа always enjoyed that special attention that is normally showered on the youngest members of any family. Childhood was all the great for СИНИШа because he didn’t have bullies as his elder siblings. Both of them cared extremely well for their younger brother and were always very protective about him.

СИНИШа НарИка was moderately popular in his school. There were certain endearing qualities in him but he was not extraordinarily talented in anything. He was very friendly and was always eager to help and this is why he had some good friends in school. Plus, everyone was scared to mess around with him because his elder brother was always around. This proved to be a boon for young СИНИШа.

СИНИШа did moderately well in school and cleared it near the top of his class. The next question was about higher studies. СИНИШа’s father had faced a lot of hardships in life and he didn’t want his children to have the same tough life. His elder son was already in the army and his daughter was studying to become a school teacher. It was only СИНИШа who was left to make his career choice. The elder Mr. НарИка made an important decision at this point of time.

СИНИШа showed some promise in the field of information technology and his father wanted to harness this skill of his. While some of the Serbian colleges offered some interesting courses in information technology, his father was told that it would be better for СИНИШа to move to another country for higher studies. The dream destinations were the US and the UK but the elder Mr. НарИка didn’t have the money to send his son to these countries. So, he settled on Croatia. СИНИШа applied to Zagreb University and to the delight of everyone in the family, he got selected.

Currently, СИНИШа НарИка is a student in Zagreb University. He has completed his bachelors’ and is now pursuing his masters’ degree in information technology. While he hasn’t been an exceptional student, he is still doing rather well in his studies. At 28 years of age, he is almost on the verge of completing his studies and firmly believes that an exciting career beckons him.

СИНИШа’s objective in life is to go back to his country and work with one of the top IT companies there. Serbia has more or less steadied itself as a nation and there are some exciting job prospects that are coming up. With students like СИНИШа НарИка willing to come back and work in Serbia, the days ahead could be very bright. But we’ll need to wait and see how СИНИШа performs.

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