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In the process of photo etching, chemical etchingis done with advanced digital pictographic tools. It helps to fabricate the products of highly complex designs with extreme accuracy and forbearance. Modern photographic digital machines are used to produce photo etchingproducts in a very short time with great precision. It has a low production cost with no metal stress. Zilch amount of hardening work is required during chemical etchingwhich reduces its lead time and production cost.

High pressure, high temperature, and chemical treated spray are used to engrave the images on various materials during chemical engraving. the laser engraving company process is done in eight crucial steps which are mentioned below:

  1.     Selecting the metal: A wide range of metal sheets and coils are available in the stores based in U.K. Good & high-quality metal is used and cut in the desired size for chemical etching. All the materials are traceable with a batch number. Our team is vigilant in making choices for photo etching surfaces. Cosmetic inspections are done on metal to make sure that the quality is of high grade.
  2.     Chemical cleaning: Cleaning of metal is done chemically to remove marks, rolling oils, pollutants. The pollutants or contaminations can leave impressions and can affect the quality of finished products after etching.
  3.     Lamination: To enhance the beauty and to protect the surface, lamination is done on cut sheets of metal. Laminar is used on both sides of the sheets with heat and pressure. Excessive laminar is cut from the edges. 
  4.     Printing: The desired image is transferred to the metal sheet with the help of a dry film sheet and then this image is exposed on the metal surface through UV light.
  5.     Developing: After the printing, sheets are chemically developed by passing them through the developer machine. The design and image of the exposed part are protected.

              Etching & rotary engraving near me:  etching speed and rate is determined on the ground of metal    

               thickness and its chemical composition. Every metal needs a different etching rate. Target size and     speed are set on the pilot sheet. Samples are tested periodically to check the consistency of etching.

  1.     Divesting: Dry film is stripped out and rinsed from the etched metal sheet. Products can be sent for the second round of treatment like heat treatment etc.
  2.     Quality assurance and finishing: Quality check of the final product is done on the parameters defined by clients. Manual inspection is performed to ensure precision. If required, the final touch is given to the product during this phase. 

Our company provides the best chemical and photo etching solutionsin the U.K. our experts are well trained in all steps of the etching process. We are committed to manufacturing well finished and high-quality products.

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